I need help with Q

okay, i know how to do the up throw thing with him but he doesnt go as high as i see in other videos he goes about half, so i need help on that. idk how to do that dashing punch as fast as they do and just fyi i play on the playstation 2 version. and also how the fuck do you throw remy’s discs. any help would be tremendous

There are 3 versions of all attacks. Use the Heavy kick button to punch them higher.

Remy’s discs are thrown by the same command as Q’s dash-punch.

To throw those discs faster or dash-punch with Q faster you need to go a bit more advanced…

The difference of the buttons also effects the Length They’re hit away…

You hold back DURING the C&DB animation, and then you time it so the Dash Punch hits the opponent as he/she falls. As for the timing itself, that’s just up to practice(though some characters like Alex fall noticeably faster than normal). And as mentioned, the distance the opponent travels while airborne will depend on which kick button you use. The stronger the kick button, the farther your opponent will travel.

As for Remy’s LoVs, I guess the easy way to put it, since we’re on the subject, is that the timing for it is the same as Q’s Dash Punch.

roundhouse makes the command grab go up the highest.

rapid dash punching with q is easy, charge back-forward-back + punch and its saved after any dash punch is done forward xx punch (or forward-back + punch if you wanna do it again) will make the next one come out, just make sure you hit forward after the dashpunch animation is done or your saved dashpunch (dp? haha) is gone.

im just posting on the off chance that by throw remy’s discs he meant throw remy with Q out of remy’s LOV startup animation.
in which case Qs command grab is probably too slow (long startup time) and you should throw him regular style or kara (back+mp canceled to throw very quickly)

he should just super throw it if hes quick enough to see the LOV startup.

I don’t understand your question. But! Remy and Q are both characters in 3rd strike…?

After reading your question again are you talking about hitting Remy after the CnDB? Remy has strange timing, just use MK CnDB into EX dash punch.