I need help with the madcatz ps3 arcade stick


I bought a xbox 360 madcatz te stick on Amizon.com for 100 bucks. i got it in the mail yesterday only to reveal it being a ps3 madcatz te stick. i contacted the seller, trying to exchange it for a 360 stick, but he dosen’t have anymore. I own a Madcatz se stick that i don’t want to use anymore. is there a way to take out all of the insides out of the se stick, including the headphone jack, and place them in the tournament edition stick.

i have seen a couple of threads showing how to do this, but non of them say anything about the headphones.

please help srk.com!!!


You’d at the least have to drill the case, and hope there’s unused mouting tabs molded in the PS3 version as well.


You are definitely going to need to drill yourself a small hole for the headphone jack since the ps3 versions cover them up with a bit of plastic. Other than that it is really easy to transfer all the pcbs from the xbox stick to the ps3 stick.


ask your money back and buy 2 xbox360 versions by 150, if you bought an xbox360 version and the seller give you a PS3 version it´s not your fault.


well i wanted to experiment with the arcade sticks in the first place so im good. here’s another problem, i desoldered the usb cord from the ps3 pcb and when i went to desolder the xbox 360 i kind of screwed it up so now i don’t have any stick at all. is there a place i can get another xbox 360 pcb or i need to buy another stick. its not a problem to buy a new one but if i can reframe from wasting 100 dollars it would make me happy.


how did you mess up?

it can be salvageable most of the time as long as you know what you did wrong.

take some pics and maybe we can help salvage it


in these photos you can see that i burned the pcb to a crisp. lol but i don’t know the proper way to solder.


That isn’t too bad. The big problem is that solder bridge right there. Try to suck that up, first of all. I used to like solder pumps, but I find braided copper to be a bit nicer now. Or, you may be able to fix it by dragging the iron between that massive glop of solder. I would just take off all of the solder from the contacts, then apply fresh solder when attaching it back on.


your main problem is you didn’t watch this first popemd

Had someone send me a board something like this after he tried to do a mod on his own.
First thing, you dont even have any power going to the board itself.
Second you have that giant solder glob between D+ and D-. Fix that up first.

If in case you did end up lifting the pads off when you desolder these wires this you can solder the wires straight to the 0ohm resistor at these points here

I used the wrong colors of wires when doing this picture though…
Swap the Green and white wires going to the lines.

remember always test it on a PC first and make sure you don’t cross your power and ground wires~
also that pcb isn’t burned, just covered in flux residue. Take a toothbrush with some alcohol and you can wipe off that yellow stuff easy


@mr. mortified so can i send this board to you and let you fix it because i don’t think i have the nerves to try this again. my hands shake pretty bad and i burned myself like 5 times when i tried this.


i’m in canada, not worth it. Find a local modder


isn’t Gummowned around there? he’s probably your best bet to have it fixed… that and hes one of the best modders around imho



I’m in the 757 area as welll. It’s really simple to do, I’ld do it for you for a nominal fee but I have a newborn and don’t have the time. I recommend watching a few tutorials online and practicing on any spare electronics you have around to build your confidence. GLuck.


Thanks guys I found a place in hampton that will take a good look at it. I wikk keep you posted. In the meanwhile iw will try to get better with the original xbox 360 stick. Lol


well i found a place in hampton to resolder the pcb yesterday for ten buck. when i got home it didn’t work. i think it actually shorted out my xbox, idk. when i plugged it into the xbox and tried to turn it on, the power brick light turned red and wouldn’t turn back on. so, i unplugged it and waited for about a min and the xbox turned right on. after that i figured, “Maybe it was my xbox.” so i went into my bed room and hooked the arcade stick up and the samething happened.

is there somebody out there who knows were i can get this thing fixed or is there anyone who is trying to sale their te or se stick for a reasonable price. hit me up


should of talked to gummowned =[


Sounds like he shorted power and ground when soldering…
Use dat multimeter

In that picture before, there is a ground contact point right below the VCC trace. Make sure that if you’re using that trace that solder hasn’t bled over that area. Either that or take a look if any other points are bridged. Once again pictures will help greatly diagnose the problem.

Also I’m pretty sure i said test it out on a PC before you test it out on an xbox