I Need Help With This Template I've Created, Please!


Hi, I posted this in the Official Stick Template, but the Kinkos I live by is gonna close in another hour or so, and I need an experts analysis of the template I’ve created.

So, I’m pretty new to this whole template making thing, but I managed to make my own template for the SE Fightstick. Everything seemed to be on track, and I saved them in various files such as .TIFF, PDF, and the PSD files for printing. I went to Fedex/Kinkos, and ask the guy if I could get a print out on a Lami-Label and I told him about the various files, and he said that he would print it out with the PDF file and I said, sure.

He printed it out and it appeared to be fine, and he lami-labeled it.

I came home, and I took apart my SE Stick, and measured up the template and the metal plate, but the printout was a bit smaller than the plate. I checked the holes for the buttons and they were the right size, but they weren’t spaced correctly. Also, the stick hole and the Home button panel was not spaced right, even though they were somewhat the correct size.

So my question is, did I do something wrong OR did the Kinkos guy do something wrong?

Here is the template file download with the original PSD, .TIFF, and PDF.


Could someone experienced with is sort of stuff check it out for me to see if I did everything correctly, please?

Thank you very much!

and sorry for the extra long post.


If your template is not the right size, there is an official template from Madcatz http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=194493


Yeah, I used the Madcatz Template to do my design on, but I’m not sure whats wrong. I’m starting to suspect that the guy printed it incorrectly, but I can’t make false claims until I check my possible errors.

I’ve downloaded other SE Stick templates, and they come out the same, so I’m suspecting that the guy printed it wrong, but could someone please check it see if its good?

Thank you very much for your help!


Did you tell the guy to make sure it prints out at 100%

Sometimes they forget and let it scale to fit letter size paper.


No, I actually didn’t tell him. That must be it! Okay, thank you very much!

I’m gonna head to Kinkos and have it printed again.



You have to tell them to print it out on large format.


You were to tell the FedEx Kinkos person print at 100%, No Scaling, 300 DPI.