I need help with two problems

Hello SRK,
So a week or two ago, I got my E. Honda to B Rank (YAY!)
But here are the problems.

A. Since I’ve got to B rank, I’ve been some-what afraid to play Honda, because if I lose, I lose 15 to 40? points, and if I win, I get 1(seriously, what the fuck is this shit?) to 35 points. Player points gains/losts seem a bit fair, 70 per wins and lost. The things that are currently pushing me to keep playing Honda online, is that I want to get better at him (hopefully to a tournament level some time), and because I have fun playing this game (when I see improvement/win ofc). However, I feel hesitant to play my main because I feel like punching a wall whenever I lose like 40 points, or I win ONE point againist a guy that was probably playing on a friends account when in reality has a 10000 BP Ryu or something (horrible example I know, thats angst talking).

B. For some reason when ever I play I go on a X amount lose streak, and then maybe win X+/-1 win streak afterwards. This frustrates me a lot, because at the end of the day, I lost more battle points/player points then I gained. I want to be very consistent with my game, and after reviewing every gaming session, I notice this pattern.
(For the record: I can’t find a “warm-up” character to play with. As stated above, I play E. Honda, and was wondering who I could use 2-3 matches before I start playing Honda to get warmed up.)

So, I need help overcoming these two sources of frustration in order to get over this Street Fighter Ranked Match slump.

Thanks in advance for any help given/for taking your time in reading this.

its just points, they dont matter. ranked is only good to play against random people doing random things.

ah, yes, i’ve thought about it like this, but for somereason it still gets to me. =/

well you can either purposefully not practice against a character to preserve some points or get better at the game. your choice

Ah, well I guess I have to face reality then, kinda sucks that the Ranked Match system is a High Risk-Low Reward system. oh well.

the reward is experience, not points. so it’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

I was at this point too a long time ago. Honestly, if you just learn matchups and stay consistent so you stop getting randomed out often things will get better. Practicing the Ryu match for example will make fighting that seemingly good Ryu a lot more approachable, and you’ll get an idea of what you have to do to win against good players. Familiarity is really important to matchups on Ranked, because you not only get better and can prevent getting bodied for free just because you didn’t have any idea what to do, you can just win a lot for free because you’ll start to notice really quick that a lot of people are all gimmick and haven’t really put practice time or learned enough about their character.

Also, just warm up in training mode or endless battle.

On top of what others have said, it seems likely that points and rankings will be reset when the 2012 update hits, so what are you really holding onto here? In the grand scheme of things, having a B rank Honda isn’t going to be the first line of your obituary, and there are too many variables in playing online (player skill, lag, etc.) to make it a good indicator, anyway. It’s a personal thing that you have to be ok with, but online points should be a small concern compared to the progression you are making with your character, and the amount of fun you are having.

I guess you could also go into the matchmaking forums, find some good players willing to spar with you, and invite them to a 2-player endless lobby just to get some no pressure, no points sparring matches in, but getting over your phobia of losing points is going to help you more in the long run.

You just lost SRK coolness points for caring about BP points. The more afraid you get to play Honda due to losing BP points, the closer you get ranked down to scrub on my SRK coolness system.

just stop looking at them. Stop keeping track, and just play. Pretend they arent there at all.

Alright, thanks for all the help guys.
I’ll try to ignore the factor of Battle Points as much as possible.

Thanks a lot guys! I started the session with just the objective of playing the game, and I ended up having fun(lol wut), and I went ahead 8/4 win/lost(which is a huge improvement from 4/4).

caring so much about BP means you’re playing matches like your life depends on it, which will lead to you being very safe and hesistant in order to get the win. the problem is, you wont truly explore honda and what he’s capable of doing and you will remain on the same level for longer than you need too. win or loss, try to express yourself in matches, without being scared and having fun. thats how i got way better. if you lose, so what?

I had a B-rank Viper but I dropped down so low that I went back to C+. I haven’t ranked back up, but I have 2200 PP which I’m proud of. I feel that’s a better representation than BP of how well you are doing. Of course, neither one is a true marker, but I feel PP makes more sense than BP.

I think you should stop playing Ranked…make a 1v1 Endless lobby…choose the Training Stage for every match…find players that have a connection that gives the closest approximation to offline play and kick everyone else…

…why isn’t everyone doing this?

Yes, i do this now.

But i have another account that occasionally play ranked on.

Same. Well, I use the same account for both. I feel that its good to play ranked from time to time, because you run into a wider variety of people and skill levels.

Is that why people kick me out from time to time? There’s this one guy who always refuses to play me, DarkSadoDragon or something like that. On the other hand, there’s people like cutieofthemonth who always accepts and kicks my butt with his Dan.

I have FiOS, and my gameplay is always snappy. What other reasons do you kick people off for?

Honestly, I find people are more willing to play a ranked match than endless. My wait time for ranked matches is 0; for endless, it’s a minute, sometimes more.

Some people kick rejoins to preserve points. I mean, it’s kind of underhanded, but I have done it before. If you played super lame and I’m really salty or you just bodied me like 10 times in a row, I might kick you just so it doesn’t ruin my experience.