I need help with Ultra Combos?

My main that I use is Ken. For some reason, I have not been able to pull off any Ultra Combos with him. Everytime I try to use it, I do a Super Combo instead of an ultra when I’m in training mode (I set S.C and Ultra at Infinite). It’s Half Circle, Half Circle, Punch x 3 right? Then why can’t I pull it off? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I would guess the time between your first QCF (Down, Down-Forward, Forward) and your second QCF is too long, or you may be using a light or medium punch instead of a heavy. Try setting the Super meter to empty and then attempt the Ultra.

EDIT: Come to think of it, the only thing you could do wrong to cause a Super rather than an Ultra would be to use the wrong Punch strength.

Not to bring up the obvious, but you do press all three punches at once and not one punch three times, right? Because not pressing all three buttons correctly seems like the only way to get Super instead of Ultra, if all meters are infinite (since that’s the part where their inputs differ).

If you’re getting the super rather than ultra, you’re probably messing up the :3p: input (eg: pressing one punch slightly off time). Just keep practicing and you’ll get there :tup:

Another method is to hold down :3p: first, do the quarter circle forward x2 motion and then release :3p:. This is called negative edge and it works because the game reads button releases the same as button presses. Apparently you’re suppose to have better timing releasing buttons as opposed to pressing them so try it out and see if it works for you.

But like what I said earlier, it all boils down to practice and muscle memory. Just keep at it and don’t give up! :karate: