I need help!

I keep on getting blown away by Urien players :tdown: . They just seem to have the answer to everything… any suggestions? I play as Ken, Twelve, Q, Akuma, Hugo and I don’t like to but I can play as Chun.

Remove that notion from your mind.

Play Alex and grab him out of his tackles.

Learn Makoto. Terrible matchup for Urien. I hate fighting Makoto when Im using the thong man its very VERY frustrating.
Makoto vs Urien is the equivilent of grabbing the thong and pulling it up over his head.

i used ta have the same problem w/ that porn star… but looking back, i realised that i was losing cuz the Urien was playin good (or atleast waaayy better than me that time), whilst i was playing outright DUMB (i fell for AA Spheres TOO FREQUENTLY =c… heck i still do, but not so often now =P )… but now, i can give the same guy a real headache… him wearing that thong makes it all that easier for Makoto to fuckin mash his balls… (Makoto can make Urien cry on wakeup)

… btw, and i’ve seen first hand how Akuma’s Tatsumaki can own Urien on a dogleash… ;p

wait, no, learn urien if he is so unstoppable. :stuck_out_tongue:

All good info but, it all requires me to learn a new character… :sad: I want to learn how to stop Urien as one of the characters I mentioned above. One of the prolbems I run into is that I’ve never really played Urien players before and don’t know how to parry his shit… anybody got any stragety that works against him such as turtle or rush down… I’ve tried RD but his throw and dash are so superior to anything else I’ve seen it always fails, I can’t even tech his throws their so quick…

this may sound like really lazy advice, but it works for me:

keep playing good Urien players, or any other character you’re having trouble fighting.

I lost first round at a tourny against a denjin Ryu player because I never really played any Denjin ryus before. as soon as the player picked ryu SAIII my shoulders sunk and i gave up the fight before it even began.
now i realize that was a shitty attitude and i could have beaten the other player or at least used the situation as an opportunity to learn how to play a character i feared. I try to take every chance to practice and play characters I’m weak against.

No advice for playing Urien specifically, other than the fact that in general, most urien players are obviously going to try to capitalize with a super art (unblockable), or juggle combo (most likely off a parry), rather than fight at mid screen. it really depends what character and individual player youre playing. You should try sticking to one character when yuo fight him and learn what you can and can’t do, his strengths and weakness in general and against your character. try to avoid getting in his most comfortable areas and learn how to get out of them when you do.

thinking in terms of sfII strategy/matchups rather than relying on parrying to bail you out should help you get the frame of mind needed to learn how to play urien…

if not, pick denjin roo :karate:

i thought ibuki was the main killer for urien? well general rule of thumb is that small charcaters are killers for the thong man.

with ken, normal jump towards urien and EX hurricane, it crosses over, execute the EX like you would for a mid (not high or deep) jump in, it crosses over and follow up with neutral mk, pretty effective, 'cos then you could mix it up with a jump in.

Ken is top tier, you shouldn’t have that much trouble, an effective ken, with his arsenal of attacks would give urien a hard time too.