I need help!

My fight stick is no longer working. It lights up when connected to my xbox 360 but it does not read it. I opened it up only to be confused of what to look for. It is hori real arcade pro VX sa. I called some of the independent businesses that repair consoles but no one repairs controllers or fight sticks. This is my last ditch effort to save my fight stick. Can anyone help me? I live in Southern California.

Have you tried contacting Hori directly? You mention in another post that you bought it in December, I’m not sure how long the warranty is but they may be able to help you. Try them at supportus@hori.jp

Failing that, there are a lot of skilled modders in California that can fix it for you, you can find them in this thread:

Is the break-away end of the USB cable securely pushed together?

If yes, then it sounds like the whole USB cable needs to be replaced. On the plus side it is incredibly cheap to do yourself if you can solder.

Thank you for your help and information. Well I tried doing it myself and by doing so I had to tear off the seal in order to open it. Im assuming my warranty isnt valid anymore since I opened it myself. I wanted to replace the USB cable that is why I decided to open but once I did there were too many wires and I got discouraged. Thanks again people, for giving me some info. Hopefully it will get fixed soon