I need help

Just now my ball top from my SCV Soul Edition Fight Stick got the balltop off it self.
What should I do? I tired putting it back on but it’s still louse. Help!

(Also hello everyone!! I’m new here)

Open up your stick (will void the warranty), and you’ll see a thin slot at the bottom of your arcade stick. Stick a flathead screwdriver in the slot, and tighten the balltop BY HAND. You’ll feel the arcade stick want to spin, but the flathead screwdriver should be held firm to hold the shaft in place, while you tighten the balltop.

Thank you very much!! I also want to ask what are the sizes of the 3 main parts of the balltop, dustwasher, (I don’t know what’s it called) Tube insert.
If anyone knows the details as to how big they are in mm please tell me. I’m planning on making my own custom balltop parts for these 3. I don’t want to order the wrong parts that don’t fit on my fightstick. :frowning: