I need help.

Does anybody knows how to wired a toodles AXXISdapter to a TE madcatz stick because I’m trying to make it wireless for my PS3.

seriously the sixaxisdapter does nothing but make wiring easier.

meaning if you dont have a sixaxis it is not going to work

I was going to type that a PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS is needed, like your Post.

But I’m afraid of the mean, new guys on SRK.
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I don’t remember the exact sentence.
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So hydroo72, you will cut wires in your TE.

Cut the Joystick Wire Harness, route that to AXISdapter.
Cut the Button wires, route those to the AXISdapter.
Cut the Home wire, route to AXISdapter.

The SIXAXIS is not Common Ground.
That is why have to cut all wires in your TE, and connect accordingly.

Obviously you will lose Turbo and Lock and LS-DP-RS ability.
Because those functions are of the TE PCB, and you replacing the TE PCB with a SIXAXIS.

Actually, the-red-comet has done what you want.
So he may be cool to help you.