I need ideas for fat guy cosplay

I’m a cosplay novice, but I want something good to work on for an anime convention next spring. But I’m not a small guy. About 6’ 3" and a ways over 300 pounds. Just trying to find ideas right now. Santa, Porco Rosso, and Rufus seem to be the three that first come to my head. But I could always do a fat version of a skinny character. Really, I think I’d want to be a character people would recognize, be fun to act as, and isn’t a nintendo character.

Bob from Tekken is pretty cool. He sorta breaks the fat guy stereotype a bit, acting like some smug bishounen and being so agile/quick lol.
And his clothes seem easy enough, nothing crazy.

Wear a pink though & pink makeup…

is this thread for real?

I’m not going to do anything shirtless. I’ll have my belly out or something like that, but that’s as far as I go.

Have you ever seen a fat guy cosplay as a female character? It’s fucking HILARIOUS.

Edit: Fuck! (See above)

How about that huge metal guy that eats the soldiers in FotNS? Or Chi Chi’s dad from DBZ. Ox King, was it?

My first instinct was to close this thread but you know what? I want to thank you instead. Thank you for realizing you’re not the proper body type for some characters and that others don’t exactly feel like seeing their favorite characters bastardized. Thank you.

I’ve never seen anyone cosplay that didn’t bastardize the character they were dressed as. I’ve seen “good cosplay” threads, but I chose to regard them as being facetious.

How about going as Sodom from Street Fighter? I think he’d be great for you.

I know you can rent out inflatable sumo suits to halloween as a sumo wrestler, maybe using that as a base then putting cosplay attire over top would achieve your desired fatness look?

What about Raiden from King of Fighters or Sanman from Fighting Vipers?

Snake from MGS. I don’t know about you guys but I think it’d be cool to see a fat Snake. esp if well done

Tell your grandma to make you a Totoro suit.

Snaaaake’s mom is not fat, she just big bone…

I could totally be Snake after he was replaced by Raiden in MGS2 and went into a deep depression where only food would comfort him. <_<;

Seconding Bob from T6, because he’s a fucking boss

Bob(T6), Bob Poundmax(Gungrave anime), Fatman (MGS2). I’ll add more if I can think of any. So tired xD

The fat guy from MGS 2 with the roller blades