I need pants that fit

I’m short.

I have the hardest time finding some god damn pants that fit me correctly.

Waist 32-34

All I see in stores are SUPER SKINNY BITCH jeans. Or BAGGY THAN A MOTHA (DMX’s little brother) type shit.

I need something slim, fitting, and made from good material. I wear a lot of Levis but I’m open to any other brands.
(So long as they aren’t from target, Kmart, Walmart, sears, or any of them big family supporting - on welfare type stores)

I seriously can’t be the only one with this problem dude. I need to look nice for Christmas.

All my pants look like I can fit 2 legs in each pant leg. I look like a Filipino styles p from 97. Fuck.

it sounds to me like your problem isn’t that you can’t find fitting jeans, but that you have the height of an average asian girl

ask an asian girl where she gets her jeans

5’3?? Wow I will never complain about my height of 5’11 again which is considered little in my family of giants.

Have you considered looking in the boys section?

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It’s probably already hard enough to find pants that fit you at that height, but it sounds like you need to shrink your waistline. You gotta make yourself fit the pants, not make the pants fit you.

Are you fat or skinny? Some skinny styles may not fit you as tight as you think. Levi’s 511 are aight. If you are hella fat though I can’t help you.

32-34 is like the rarest pant size to find, I remember when I was that size i could never find anything that fit. its like if you’re leg length is longer than 30 all pants manufacturers assume you must be a fatass

EDIT: wait…you’re 32-34 at 5’3’’? you must be one weirdly proportioned nigga

You can try Dickie’s brand, they have good solid material, but it is not denim.

And honestly, have you tried the Boys section? A lot of petite girls check out the Girls section, so that might not be a bad idea.

^:rofl: That may sound like that coldest advice I’ve ever heard, but it seems like your best bet…
32 waistline is small as fuck…

I’d know because my waist is a 30 in levi’s w/o a belt…

150 lb 5’11…

Life is difficult for this man imo…

the biggest my waist ever got was 36. that is seriously FAT. fuck husky

I think you should try to lose a bit around the waist or get some custom ordered jeans or something. Man, at 5’3 wearing a 32 inseam, that would make you all legs!

Know of any clothing stores that have tailors?

If you don’t mind paying a little extra, you can get him to fix em up for you…

If you see a pair of jeans that you REALLY like, then you won’t have to limit your choices…

How tall are you? 36 is huuuge. I cried when a pair of 34’s fit me snug… :sad:

You really think I’m fat? :sad: I’m up to a 36-38 and damn proud of my fat ass. I was 6’4" 135lbs with a size 32 coming out of high school. Sitting at about 180-190 now.

Have you tried OshKosh B’Gosh?

I didn’t think 32 was that big? I don’t think I’m fat. I don’t have much of a belly or anything really.

My good friend is like 5’4’’ and he wears a fucking 38.

Maybe I haven’t been wearing the correct size this whole time. :confused:
My pants sag a bit but it isn’t something I complain about. I usually wear a belt if it sags too low.
I do have time tomorrow maybe I should check my size again.

I hate being short. Life is hard

Or maybe I’m just wearing the wrong size.

I wear pants from dickies.com, but this nig needs shit by the weekend. They got all kinds of weird sizes, op should check them out or get on the treadmill. You ever try to find 30x32 pants at the mall? Hell naw cuz.

Dickies for life son.


basically being that you’re 5’3", those pants that you think are super tight/skinny/whatever won’t fit you that way. grab a few different sizes (and some in different lengths…for example, 32 x 30, 33 x 30, etc. and also _ x 32, etc).

try them on and see if you like the fit. the main thing you need to know is that the pants aren’t going to look like how they fit on a model so don’t think about certain cuts fitting you too tight or too baggy. you won’t know until you try them all on.

off the top 510, 511and 513 sound good for you. grab a few sizes/lengths of those and try them on in front of a full length mirror.

clothes thread:

I weigh like 130.

My belly is barely visible. I got some skinny ass legs but I got broad shoulders. I think it could be from doing hella pushups. I’m not even buff.

Ill try those jeans out tomorrow and hopefully I can cop something that looks right on me. All my pants look like the bottom half dmx’s overalls.

32" at 5’3" is definitely wide, man. You talk about how a lot of pants that actually do fit at the waist gives you flared up looks in the leggings, but that’s due to your body proportions. In the end, clothes are just fabrics sitting on top of your flesh. If you really want pants that fit and look nice on you, you just gotta change your body.

You might want to consider a catalog to order from. I know JC Pennys is pretty good with that.