I Need place to sleep at Evo GVR and got money

Title says it all. I need a place to crash at Green Valley Ranch, and am not a broke bum. If you got room for another, reply here or PM. If you can, post up how many your expecting to have in the room, what nights you got it for, and how much $$.

I’ll have cash on hand Ill give on the spot for the key. (Translation: I aint a deadbeat.)

ditto. please HALP!

Biz-ump. Guys, Im offering cash for a floor to crash on here.

To help sweeten the pot: I have a place to stay next to the strip for the night of the 11th, and the nights of the 14th and 15th. Lots of room for others to crash if you want to get some games in, or just hang out a couple of days after the tournament.

I only need a spot to crasht he night of the 12 + 13th!

Hey, if you still havent found a place to stay, or neone else for that matter, i got a room, with about 6 so far from the 11th - 15th that needs fillin. As long as you pay your way, everything should be cool. If u or neone is interestd pm me or respond here and ill run it by the rest of the guys, but im sure it would be cool. lata

Yo Toodles. Sorry, didn’t see this thread. You’re more than welcome to stay with me, but fair warning my room is gonna be pretty deep. Let me know if you still need a place.

Good show for the CO crew. You know Ian beats me down pretty hard, right? Well all I need is a spot to crash on Friday and Saturday night, but Im up for other nights if yall be around for gaming. If you can hook me up with that, a morning shower, and maybe a pillow, PM me a price and I’ll be there to crash and see what you folks know about Garou.

Hey I need a place to stay too.

I got money and I don’t smell/am not fat.

There’s a guy I know in vegas who posts in Tekkenzaibatsu that is looking to help people out with a place to stay.He goes under the name mkkid on SRK. He plays 3s.He may be able to help some of you out.


Hope it helps.

Co-sign. I don’t take up much space, either.

Toodles, how much do you need for me to stay with you? you may remember me…

I remember ya K-Scrub, but the whole point of this thread was that I didn’t have a hotel room. I hooked up a deal with KingLowTier so Ill be crashing with him and the Nebraska crew. Sorry, can’t help this year.
(I didn’t get a room myself after being burned bad doing that last year.)

I’m interested. As always, my plan never falls through. Thanks in advance. I’m bringing an LCD monitor, vga adapter w/DC and custom Marvel, but only one agetec… Oh, I also have 3S. Just need a small corner for my bags cuz I’m flying out on the 15th from Vegas to Missouri.

Rotendo, if you need a copy of the 3-in-1, lemme know and Ill bring one with. Too damn proud of that thing, happy to hand it out.

i got room avail;able in my room, pm if interested

If you need a spot for the 11th, 14th, and/or 15th, let me know, you’re free to crash with me, but it isn’t at GVR. Its in Vegas (GVR is in Henderson, 9 miles exactly from the hotel Im staying those days at). Im staying there Thursday, grabbing a cab or shuttle friday morning, and returning Sunday evening/monday morning. If you wanna crash, send me a PM, but I can’t help with the 12th and 13th

hey, me and chetan from FL are actually looking for 2 more roommates (2 people bailed last minute).

message me on aim: Mozanrath0
or chetan: JuntheForgotten

and we can set something up.

i think im renting a car and leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning

Hey, so turns our I have a room at the GVR Hotel after I worked some things out. Will be there Fri-Sunday Nights. PM me ASAP if anyone is interested, I got only three in the room so far.

i PMed ya