I need ps2/xbox compatable arcade stick suggestions

Preface: I used the search function on the forum and was getting a blank white page every time. Forgive me.

I’m an old retired vet, who moved away from his local scene. Recently, I’ve been teaching a few of the scruby players in my new hometown how to play, and they’ve taken intestest in going to Evo North with me this year, to see me get stomped. (All I do up here is win, and while I may be the best within a few hundred miles, im not that good at all in the grand sceme).

Anyway, I have one of those Nuby Aniversary Ed. sticks, and the Fierce button is already on the fritz. When I was at ACEN last year, a few guys were carrying around sexy little sticks that resembled my old Sega/Agetec stick. They had custom art and everything, and looked just really nice.

So, could any of you be so kind as to point me in the right direction here?

Go to Tech Talk forum.

You can mod the SFAE stick and put some decent buttons and joystick in it (that’s what I did).

Also, check out the Columbus, OH tourney on the 21st, Justin Wong will be there.


Ah, I dont live in Ohio anymore. Im in Wisconsin.