I need psn friends, because public play is just no good

I am not too bad at street fighter, but I really want to get better. I stopped playing a while ago because of how bad matchmaking is. Either the connection sucks, I get kicked for no reason, and I hate waiting in line to play on endless battle mode. I try to request every good player but nobody accepts.

I am 16 years old, so I wouldn’t be able to play on weekdays during school time. But I am up for a 1v1 endless battle any time I am online.

I usually dabble on third strike here and there on GGPO. But I never seem to play ssf4 because I can never find players that actually play with me more than 2 matches, even if I can find a good lobby that is.

So yeah, I need tons of friends no matter what skill level, I live in Utah (yeah it sucks, not one of my friends actually plays fighting games and I can’t find a single person at my school who does.) so anybody from the west-midwest should be in the yellow-green level. I am sick of resorting to arcade mode every time I play street fighter!

So please add me, my PSN is: Mistrneb

Also I play more than just ssf4, I play badcompany 2, some hotshots golf, and LBP.

yeah I’ll add you, should get a decent connection

I often accept challenges. But I think our connection won’t be too good.
We can try at least.