I need real advice on helping a family member


Alright. I’m not here to make a great thread but a help thread and it’s needed. This may be offending to some but i hope all of you can understand my side. Ok, i just got word that my younger cousins gay and because of this news my aunt locks herself in her office and cries. He’s been going out wearing skirts, lipstick, and he rendered his name into a woman version (ie Carlos - Carly) he even bought a purse for himself.
Now they moved in for a bit because of house renovations and for the past few days my former closet (which is what he is using) is filled with tee backs, dresses, and i’m hearing over played beyonce music. I am asked to take the gayness out of him and I don’t know how to do this. I mean, it’s hard enough to install the manliness in shoryuken so what more in real life?

I’m thinking of taking him to a whore house after bible study but he’s only 14 years old and i want to use the money for myself. I don’t know any 14 year old girls that i can persuade to screw him either.

Is it actually possible to de-homonize a guy? Is there an article i can read or a story i can hear because I feel that i have to do this so i don’t care about your view points like: it’s his right. Come on! It’s not. Enough of that shit and lets be real men here.


show him a video of extreme fisting with swole black dudes and see what his reaction is.


Electroshock him until he dies.


Guys a fag, get over it. And why bother? Everyone would remember his gay phase anyway so he’ll have to move to fully wash his hands of it.

You could maybe blow him while making scary faces, might turn him off.


ya, this is a cisco thread

lol @

who says piety is dead?


solution: kill yourself

jesus will comfort you in heaven

edit: and by comfort i mean fuck your brains out


The only way to get out gayness is to fuck it out through the ass. Make the hole wide enough for all the gayness to come out via fartings. Why you think those guys spend so much time banging each other? You really should try this, Cisco. Don’t forget the wrist slicing. For yourself, I mean. :tdown:


Maybe if someone fucked you in the ass a few times, you wouldn’t be so uptight about your cousin’s sexuality.

In all seriousness, he’s fourteen. Let him live.




Kiss him and he’ll turn into a nutter butter. Then eat up.


This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on SRK.


If you really want to help him you’d be more concerned with educating him on STD and educating the aunt to chill the fuck out. Seriously, forget that “be a man” nonsense and focus on the real issues here.


Real issues? Here? YOU MAD.


…pretty sure this is all your fault.

Funniest thread so far this year, Bravo Sir, Bravo :clapdos:


I’m still trying to play Alpha 2 again, just once in the GGPO room, all due to your sig.

Is everyone else out there living it up? Super retirement communities with custom combos and no kids?


fuck him in the ass. that should dehomonize him. if he enjoys it, then he’s a lost cause and you can tell your aunt to disown him. that’s a lot of money she’ll save, tell her to send me some paypal dough for the advice


Wait, is he gay, or a transsexual? Maybe he’s just be a male lesbian. Would your aunt be ok with that?


Take him to see some used-up, cracked-out male hookers and tell him this is his future.


Aren’t we all male lesbians?


Well, a lesbian is a woman who’s attracted to another woman, so unless you wear a lot of makeup, no, I don’t think so.