I need Sakura tips



I am new to SSF4AE and i wanted to learn Sakura and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips. Thanks for anyone that helps me. :slight_smile:


Welcome I’m pretty new to Sakura as well so you can share some of my notes, but fair warning this character demands pretty high level execution.

Some of the BnBs that I (try) to use are:

Hit confirms

cr.lk > cr.lp > cr.hp xx ex tatsu/shouken
cr.lk > cr.lp > cr.mk xx hp shouken

And punish combos would be

cl.hp xx lk tatsu > st.lk xx ex tatsu -> otoshi/reset
cl.hp xx lk tatsu > st.lk xx mp/hp shouken
cl.hp xx lk tatsu > cr.hp xx lk tatsu > st.lk xx ex tatsu/shouken

Ultra combos

cl.hp xx lk tatsu > cr.hp xx ex tatsu > dash Ultra 1
cl.hp xx lk tatsu > cr.hp xx ex tatsu > Ultra 2

The Basic Idea is to use mix ups and damaging combos to get the dizzy which usually leads to the win.

Here is a quick video on her mix ups

Have Fun and Practice hard


A good post by Deebs for anyone starting out with Sakura.


One thing i’ll say first is DON’T rely on her resets, that used to work day 1 but now most players can see it comming and just mash dp. I’m not saying not to use it, but for a new Sakura player it’s really hard (but still possible) to win with her just using her resets against strong players. Sakura hits like a truck but you have to earn the damage through consistently landing her shunpuu loops. Practice her bread and butters and her safejumps/ setups. IMO scoring a knockdown is essential to Sakura’s game so I really mean it when I say learn her safejumps and setups. Eventually you’ll learn about her hard blockable setups in the corner that are character specific. I’d say her oki and b&b’s first. Then you can practice her shunpuu loops and hardblockables. Footsies is another thing but you can’t really practice it, it usually comes with time and experience. It helps however to know the range of your moves.


Yeah, I found that once I learned resets and mixups they worked really well for a week or two but then it seemed like everyone caught on and its now really obvious what I’m going to do… so instead I finish the combo into a hard knockdown and position myself for a very ambiguous cross up!
Its crafty the way I do it because even if I do decide to hit from the front and they do a shoryuken to punish it STILL misses me :smiley:
If I cross over I’ll do j mk, st mk, tatsu, st lk, shuoken/ex tatsu.
If I hit from the front I’ll do j hp, mk, tatsu, st hp, tatsu, st lk, shuoken/ex tatsu.
I know I should be doing cr hp instead of st lk but I’m too lazy to take the time out to learn to plink >_<