I need screws for my arcade stick!


i have a standard edition and i need the the smaller Metric 2 or 3 screws or something like that?

there the ones that go into the metal plate that surrounds the actual stick (litterally the ball top stick)

does anyone know where i can find these?

edit: i think the screws go into the “mounting plate” i think thats what its called.


quick search yields http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=206924

make sure to get m3 nuts to secure the screws


ok i found some!

are these the right ones? should i get em with the nuts the come in the deal? will they work?


you have a madcatz se so those particular screws should work. the small gap between the bottom of the control panel and the top of the mounting plate make it possible. if you can, try to find flat head screws that can work with the counter sink just in case.

matching nuts is a must.