I need SERIOUS help with this guy

I have this thing about giving every character in a fighting game their own worth if I play that game. …and I want to do the same with Sean, but since the one in 3S is TOTALY scaled down, I barely even go near his portriat in the character select screen!
So here’s what I would like to know so that I can make use of this guy & :wow: some ppl with my skills with him:
1- Combos (those that can be done anywhere & at the corner)
2- Juggle combos (or combos that start by juggling them from the air) if any
3- Stuff that I can link to an SA that will do a lot of damge or stun. (I don’t want long combos, I just want damage)
4- Anything that I should make note of when I do his moves

Sorry if this seems demanding, but come one you know how he is in 3S!
God I miss his DP from DI…:cry: :cry:

well there some things that make him good.(at least mid tier)

*corner basketball trap(quasinfinite)
*Tackle counters high moves
*Axekick counters fireballs and aerials
*Axekick counters Shoryuken(clipping with the foot if they hit your body SRK will beat it. Doesn’t work on ken’s fierce DP)
*roll counters high moves and fireballs
*basketball can create unblockables and unparryables(can’t guard a high and low at the same time can’t grab when hit can’t parry both a high and low can’t parry a grab)
*has the highest priority super in the game. Shoryu-cannon has one more invincibility frame than Shin-shoryuken.

MKxx lk tornado
MPxxEX tornado
HP(close)xxMP tornado
HPxxEX tornado

…off the top of my head

The basketball doesn’t work that well in cornering because it takes so freakin long to come out, and even once it comes out, it takes a while for Sean to recover and for the ball to hit the opponent, so they have time to do whatever they please. Plus, the basketball can be parried both high and low for some reason, so there’s no reason to parry it high. The axekick doesn’t counter fireballs too well because it doesn’t have a very high arc. It beats air attacks and some of the shoryus, but it’s really slow so it’s not too hard to see coming and to parry it. The tackle won’t actually counter anything; it’ll go under high moves, but apart from something ridiculous slow like Hugo’s toward+fierce, I can’t think of anything that it’ll slide under and hit in time. I’ve literally never seen the tackle landed in high level play, either in person or in videos. It’s good for normal throw games, but the throw itself is kinda retarded. Similar deal with the roll. You’re not gonna use it (and there could be a period right there, by the way) to counter high moves. If you do, it’ll be to get out of the corner if you’re expecting a throw or whatever. Also, shoryu cannon does have great invincibility and good damage, but the thing is that it can’t be comboed that well. Unlike SAI and SAIII, you can’t cancel it from a max-range low forward or a crouching short, crouching jab, crouching short, which I feel kinda sucks. Plus, Sean needs super to do decent damage and it’s difficult for him to build super, so I like SAI because the bar is shorter and you have super more often.

learn crouching LK, crouching LP, crouching LK, Hadou-Burst
Verifiable, starts low and no damage reduction.

deep Dragon Smash (HP) as an anit-air, Hadou-Burst

and the old crouchin MK, Hadou-Burst

Cool I’ll try to use those when I play 3S later thanks!