I need serious help with this SF diction


OK guys, i’m very new to this forum.(Obviously)
I’ve played SF for a while now but never took it very seriously. I didn’t realize how deep of a game it could really be until seeing all the discussion, videos, etc. But there’s one thing that’s really blocking me from really picking up this stuff too much.

The vernacular(words) you guys use, like punish, mix up, kera, etc. IDK what in the heck they mean, if a veteran could please go through all of the words that you guys use so that while i’m watching a SF IV tourney match I’ll know what the heck they’re commentating. If it varies with series’ of the game it’d be best to just explain the ones used for SF IV as that and potentially SSF IV are the games I’ll be currently playing.

Thanks so much you guys after one day on here and help from a member I’ve really improved, and thanks to whoever helps me with this SF language :pray::pray::pray::pray:


I think that’d be cool too. That’s one of the things I have a hard time with too. I play the game alot, but I don’t chat much on forums. So all this slang and what not kinda goes over my head. Is there a wiki or something with all these?


Also if it helps, I use Vega. Maybe the name gave it away…


Kybroma, wanna run up a few rounds later dude? I like fighting Akumas, let’s me practice my defense on offensive characters


Y’mean like in this thread: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=221033




Not bad, kind of jumbled up with like every fighting game though.

A guy called BRILLO da SCRUB or something said I have perfected the turtle technique, or something along those lines. I just read that new players refer to it as “cheap”…does this make me cheap or in any way less than fair?


Nope, it means you’re doing a good job at keeping your opponent out. Keep it up.


Take a page out of Alex Valle’s book:
When you start playing a fighting game, look for the cheapest possible moves/tactics that work, and then abuse them till your opponent figures out how to counter it consistently. Then find the next cheapest move. Repeat until nothing you try seems cheap any more.


That post was awesome. Thanks. :slight_smile: