I need some arcade stick advice


Here’s the deal. I have recently come upon a TE Xbox360 fightstick and bought it for around $150. I also found a guy to sell me his custom stick. I don’t know if i should sell my TE stick and go custom or keep the TE stick. Can you help me decide?


Buy both. Don’t you have friends that come over and wanna play? If not just use one as back up.


It’s off of craigslist so i can’t trust the reliability of the custom stick. should i still go for it?


Good custom sticks are functionally as good as the TE stick anyway. If you can be sure that it has all Sanwa parts and the custom stick is cheap, then you could sell the TE for more and buy that custom. Otherwise, just keep the TE and save yourself some trouble and keep a feeling of quality assurance.


Thanks for the advice guys.