I need some Chun Help



Note to readers: This post is long, and asking for a lot. However, **you don’t have to answer all of it in one shot. Just answer one little bit that you know. ** With a group of helpful contributors, I’ll eventually “get the picture”. (Yet another sf3 announcer reference… Haha.:lol: “That makes sense!”)

Ok, my post in the General chun “section” isn’t gettin any looks. So I decided to take it here.
Generally speaking I play a basic “poke poke poke for meter, combo, ex when pressured, then super” Chun. It’s rather boring that way, and I want to level up my Chun and play more masterfully. Here’s what I need help with:

Particularly I can’t see what’s coming unless the character I’m playing against is being very formulaic, (chicken combo and zoning Oro, tick throw Hugo etc.) Also, certain characters that don’t have a formula, like Elena… Are… Interesting, to say the least-tick throwing one minute and then beasting the next- All about mixing me up and getting that opening I guess.

Chun offense.
Now, Wong has a pretty nice Chun, but those legs are for more than just meter charging. Please help me out in developing a more offensive Chun- I’d like to combo a bit more after a parry etc, in particular. She seems to have a nice counter game and I wanna couple that with a great offense to make people think twice about doing some stupid, random shenanigan on me.

What normal does what, when to use it etc. In particular air to air and anti air, since that area with chun in any game is always so situational and a bit complicated. Bear in mind that I know links and pokes… So this is more or less just for getting a better understanding.

Unfamiliar pokes
Granted, Chun is a poker, and a good one at that. However, many people know her more common pokes, and I’d like to see some inside info on some that people won’t be expecting too often- I mean come on, odds are of she lands that hk shes gonna super… Which leads me to…

Chun is damn predictable without good mixup. So what are some common/uncommon ones?

Please help me out here. Granted (per usual. ) I’ll check that normal-less, 60 percent complete wiki here for some stuff… But honestly, It isn’t completely reliable just yet as far as I know… Or even close to complete. Also, please don’t think that you have to answer all of this at one time. Any one part or fraction of a part will help me out greatly. Thank you so much! Arigato Zaimasta!:karate::razzy:


cr.strong has more range than cr. forward so its nice to stick out when ur playing footsies…make people afraid of her mk kara throw…that lets u walk up and do stuff like standing roundhouse…skin to skin low forward stuff like that…