I need some Evo T-Shirts!

Hey everyone, this is Arlieth Tralare from FFA in California. I’m willing to buy three Evolution T-Shirts, two in Medium size and one in Extra-Large. $20 each. Please let me know if you have some extras.

Hey Tom,

Pretty sure they are all gone but I’ll check with everyone else to see if there was some magical box lost that showed up after the tournament (it’s happened before…)

Derek Daniels

i have a medium im willing to part with.

$22 shipped

I’m betting good money I have one of these (from Evo West) in my closet. I never wear my Evo shirts, so if I find it, it’s yours. It’s probably either M or L, and obviously free for you. Remind me in three days - I’ll be unpacking / getting caught up at work / encoding like mad and so kind of a space case until then. :smile:

Damn guys, I really appreciate it. ^^

OK, I have a L 2007 and a L 2006. You can have either of you want them, just PM me or whatnot your address. :smile:

i got a M if you want it. $21.75 Shipped.