I need some help abt game selection

I’m new to fighting games and I have been playing for about a year. I began playing Tekken, SC6, and BFTG on Xbox pad in march 2020. Then my Xbox broke. I began playing FS and Smash on my switch until I got an F300 and I Found 3S. I am a ryu main and I´m average at the game and I am very good at defense. My school got an Esports team but there was only one problem, they only have one fighting game, smash. I want to get lots of competition but I am not so great at Smash. what should I play?

What do you enjoy playing the most?

FS and 3s

im gon get a pc soon so i will find much more competition in SFV/SF6 when i do

Since you will getting a pc you can play fightcade 3s. As for smash you can always play with your school’s esports teams then maybe as you get to know them you can try to garner interest within the group for trying to add more fighting games.

i asked the leader of the esports team about a tough love arena tourney.