I need some help building arcade sticks and will pay for assistance

I am building an arcade cabinet and require four arcade fightsticks for an Xbox 360. I was told by a friend that I should consult you fine folks, because this would be the place to go to find people who know how to build them. I would be willing to pay well for a set of them. If you wish to contact me, my e-mail is chillwing@gmail.com. You can check that I am in fact valid by checking my eBay account, which is the same as my username. If this is in the wrong forum, could someone please point me in the right direction?

Make a thread in the Tech talk forums. Thats where you want to be for joystick help.


Where are you from? Are you asking people to go and show you???

maybe a sketch of what you are trying to build?

If you are looking for the parts:

I am actually looking to commission someone to build them for me.

what style/type of arcade cabinent are you trying to make (i.e. old school 4-player simpsons/TMNT, showcase style gauntent legends, etc.)?

I intend to make one which I can play non-shooting games on the 360 with. Only one of the sticks needs to be of a high quality(for fighting games). I intend to play Gauntlet-style games, such as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on it, as well as Tekken 6, SF4, Blazblue, MVC2 and GG. It needs to have two joysticks in the centralized location and and one slightly off to either side. This way, the cabinet is primarily a 2-player cabinet, with the option to allow 4 players.

I understand what you are saying but you should make a google sketch-up or something to give the potential builder more clarity

yes u have to be more clear of want u want.

I love how people assume that everyone knows how to use google sketch-up

I have used Inventor, so if it is anything like that, I should be fine.

I was just saying google sketch-up just because I didn’t know any other programs that do the same function, such as inventor as he said, and because the OP would have to be more descriptive because any potential builders would want more specific plans for this.


Is that what you were looking for?

Get out a pencil and paper or a painting program, and draw at least poorly what you want. Include a human so we know if you want a sit down or stand up cabinet. Words are inefficient when it comes to planning. Imagine if they tried to build a skyscraper using only text.

Look what I did in 2 minutes.

They also have this thing called graphing paper, well they did in my day.

I miss the days when people knew how to actually use a piece of paper and pencil. Thats where everything is sketched out on.

And wait…did I read marvel UA? Is that even playable with an arcade stick?

Yeah. The sticks just need a D-pad on them.
http://bayimg.com/DAdHdaACP The pads should be a bit more spaced out, but you get my point(hopefully!)

If you put a dpad on a “stick” then it ceases to be a “stick” . There is a super niche part like that but i’m not sure if you will like it. And it has to be ordered from Germany. it is probably going to cost more than ordering 4 “iL Eurosticks” that are american style arcade sticks.

If you are wanting a Dpad, why bother making a arcade cab? It is un-ergomic to use a dpad on a flat surface you cannot grip. It also will take a lot of stick builders out of their comfort zone since I don’t know anybody here that has bothered to use that part.

Also the placement of the joystick panels requires that anybody playing be skinnier than POWs.
If you stood in front of a regular arcade cab with a friend, two shoulder widths are are larger than the cab.


I would suggest that you look for an NBA Jam cabinet, but even that is small for four people. But if it is occasional then that is okay. You might as well have the panel be as big as the HDTV you will be using.


Here is a picture of a modded Simpson Arcade cab.

I really suggest you learn to do it yourself because the projects tend to be like how people work on cars and hotrods.