I need some help concerning the wireless controller issue


Hey guys, this is going to be my first time at EVO and i’m really pumped and all, but i was only aware that i would be able to go recently, like, several days ago recently. Anyway, due to this i was not under the assumption that i would have to buy a PS2->PS3 adapter (i play on PS3 pad regularly). So i’m really in a bind right now, i don’t have enough time to order one online and none of my local game stores (both chain and independent) don’t have one.

So i wanted to ask you guys going, would someone be able to let me lend/borrow/buy etc. one? I really want to compete at this and since i have absolutely no way of playing on stick and apparently they won’t let me use my regular PS3 pad, i’m kind of at a stalemate at what i’m supposed to do, it’d be a big help if you guys could help me pull through in regards to the matter, thanks!


You can take your chances and ask other players in person at the event…odds are someone will lend you one.
Also, Madcatz will be selling arcade sticks and possibly fightpads at the EVO floor.


Your best bet is buying from MadCatz on the floor like Geese Pants mentioned.


the only problem is i absolutely can’t play on stick, i’ve tried many times and i can’t just learn how to play in a few days time. also i can’t play on their fight pads, if anything i really just need a PS2 to PS3 adapter, literally the only thing i can play on is some form of playstation pad. I apologize completely, i just had no idea i would need to get one so soon.


Cross your fingers, then. Not a lot of people are willing to part with their controllers at tournaments and for good reason. I play on stick personally so I wouldn’t be of any help.


Good luck…I doubt anyone is going to part with their adapter.


I’d be more than willing to buy the PS2>PS3 adapter off of someone, its a matter of if someone has one to spare.


luckily they sell their “fightpads” as well as their sticks at the event. Pick one of those up.


Dude said he can’t use Madcatz’s fightpads.
So unless he can get an adapter…he’s SOL.