I need some help here please

Alright I’m not new to the franchise at all but I am new to all this cancelling and FADC all the good stuff. I know basic maneuvers and all that but I would like to preform some good combos. My main character is Yun and would like to know everything there is to Yun and in the simple way because when you talk 2X MP I wouldn’t understand. My gamertag is ThumbNail Joker spaced just like that. I would really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Read stickies in the newbie section, and check out the Yun forums, and watch match videos. Too much stuff to learn to explain it all in a single post.

FYI, x2 mp means doing two medium punches in a row, with good timing. I suggest you learn basic yun combos, and then focus on the tactical aspect of SF.

Honestly I would learn the lingo if I was u dude. It’s not that hard 2 understand things like 2x MP and other stuff like that once u get the hang of it. In the long run it will be easier 2 just learn the SFcombo language instead of asking people 2 explain wat they mean everytime u see a combo posted.