I need some help identifying a size of screw and nuts

Hi all. I’m about done with a stick project I’ve been working on, but it’s come to light (and I’m definitely an idiot for forgetting about these) that I don’t have any screws or nuts to mount my Sanwa JLF to my case! I asked the guy who made my case what size of screws I needed, but I could not extract much out of the description. The type of screws (and of course, accompanying nuts) I need are described as followed (based on his CAD files):

  • The shaft of the screw must be no more than 4mm in diameter
  • The head of the screw must be wider than 4.3mm in diameter and able to be screwed in with a Phillips or flathead screwdriver
  • The bolt must be at least 15mm long (preferably a bit longer)
  • The bolt’s head must be no thicker than 3mm (though I don’t think this would be to much of an issue on screws of this size)

Is anyone able to help me identify a standardized size or notation for the kind of screw/nut set I’m looking for? I’m not sure if that’s the right phrasing, but I’d like to be able to ask about it with as much specificity as I can when going to a hardware store or online. Thanks!

M4 x 15mm screws should do the trick.

Well maybe M4 x 16 or 17mm since he did say they should be a bit longer.

Thanks pzlate! I’ve got that written down. :tup:

Anyone else have any other ideas of standard screw sizes that may work? I’ll probably buy extra in another suggested size just in case one turns out not to work well.

Log-out bug ate my post, so to keep it short, if you’re in Virginia you’ll have an easier time finding UNC threads than metric. 6-32 is 0.138" = 3.51 mm in diameter. 8-32 is 0.164 in = 4.17 mm in diameter. So if you have just a little more than 4 mm the 8-32 should be a nice fit. A pan-head screw will have a head a little under twice the diameter of the threads (rough approximation).

Wow, good call Icy Black Deep! Call me as unpatriotic as you want, it slipped my mind that finding metric measurements would be a little difficult in America. :lol:

Thanks to the both of you! Hope my hunt goes well.

I use 6-32 x 3/4" machine screws to mount japanese joysticks, but it depends on your panel thickness too.
They match most of the dimensions you mentioned. I haven’t measured the diameter of the head but I’m pretty sure it’s 4.3mm or larger.

Thanks for the additional information NiteWalker! Based on Icy Black Deep and your information, I’ll order some 6-32 screws. :tup: