I need some help on the Cammy matchup



I’m trying to learn Yun, but I’m having a bad time against Cammy.
I think my main problem is the neutral game, I cannot create an opening and when I find one (when my adversary makes some mistake) I cannot stay in.
I try to do the meaty lk cross up dive kick in the wakeup to maintain pressure but it seems very difficult to do it right. I don’t know if the problem is the additional 1 frame on cammy’s wake up. I can do it consistently on shotos, but not on her, I’m being grabbed all the time when I delay it, and when I try to do more quickly it whiffs and I’m punished. Detail: My adversary isn’t mashing delayed wake up.
There’s some kind of advice?

P.S.> Sorry for my bad english, It’s not my main language.


Something I wrote a long time ago :

Yun vs. Cammy v.2012_____________________________________________________________

                                                                             **AIR Game:**

Cammy’s Shoryuken:
Her uppercut is active for a long time, the best time to tempt her is on her wake up by
neutral jumping in the range of it but the timing is to land as she is getting up so it looks like you cannot block it but you will. This safe jump requires you to make the Cammy believe she can shoryuken you, the point is to start jumping before Cammy’s wake up is completely so that you land before the first active frames of Shoryuken.

When Cammy jumps in:

Your answers are : close or far st.mp , all versions of upkicks accordingly*, cr.mp (in certain cases where she is dive kicking without a setup and is in range.) all take care of her.
If she neutral jumps st.mk might catch her if you are in range, besure you are still not holding forward if you needed to walk a little closer otherwise your hopkick will come out and get you shoryu’d in the face(by her OS and or mash).

Cannon Strike (Her dive kick): Her dive kick if done correctly it can be a one frame block on Yun’s wake up. (And upkicks will miss 100% of the time, sometimes it is ok to just use EX upkicks to miss and get out of a choke situation like a corner).

If it is done wrong, light & EX upkicks can take care of it. If the cammy did not knock you down and is going for a raw dive kick for whatever reason, this is where medium and heavy upkicks can knock it. As well as crouching medium. Another way is if cammy goes for the cross up unblockable on your wake up, you can forward dash out of it without even needing to focus dash it.

The one frame block spike maybe able to be focus attack lvl 1’d to score the counter-hit crumple. Don’t Focus-dash or cammy WILL win the exchange in the situation that follows.
If it is a cross up spike and you know it is a cross up spike then Focus Dashing is perfectly fine. But the OFB spike will stay on the left meaning anything she does after it if you focus will lead into you right into a full punish + white damage.

EX versions of CANNON STRIKE:
This can easily be answer with LK/EX upkicks you would be surprised. If she is in a position where it is safe on block just block it and don’t be fancy and try to counter it. If she is doing it randomly and is trying to get a free hit without a setup because she wants to jump in and scare you with it, then you can upkick it (if it is high enough only). Cammys love using this when they have one bar and it can lead to their victory, or when they have many bars and think you are a push over they will spam this if they aren’t particularly SUPER oriented.

So in conclusion
-Always expect the EX one.
-If she does it at the highest it can be done – light upkick & Focus attack works out.

  • If she jumps in and activates it late, block it or reaction EX upkick it is possible but risky to react 100% of the time.
    -It is safe on block

Hooligan Combination:
gets stuffed with St.mp and EX hooligan takes priority over all of Yun’s NJ’s for the most part. When Cammy is close enough with Ex hooligan all it takes is a timed shoryu or even YouHou if you got the eye and the reaction for it. Yomi is the most part of seeing EX Hooligans coming. I came across 2-3 clever Cammy cunts who actually EX Hooligan’d in my face, it is clever but they only got it on me because I didn’t HK Upkick. If they do it really close to up, even a bad timed upkicks wins the exchange.(JUST DON’T GUESS IT) //
Cammy’s who get outzoned usually use this, especially when they have more bars to fall back on, they use this to get in free you know, because cammy’s strength much like Yun’s is up close.

                                                                                            **GROUND GAME:**

Heavy spiral arrow can get fully punished on block, where as Light kick spiral has a very small window of disadvantage for cammy. Throwing her or mashing DP seems to be a viable option however cammy really revolves around you missing. Always remember that 2 combos from Cammy on Yun and it is over.

Try zoning her with Kobokushis, Bait the two hit spirals by standing (Farther than the light kick one reaches, and if its light kick spiral test the waters.) then blocking immidiately and you get a free Shoryuken. Sometimes Cammnys like to just use the light kick spiral as a manuever and then they mash DP in your face. Slick shit, it is good stuff just be aware of it. So that means if you see her spiral don’t jump or dive kick either.

Spin Knuckle: gets beat by reaction upkicks. If it misses though she may be safe or use it as an oppurtunity to Cannon Spike on you. EX Spin knuckle should be blocked or You Hou’d on reaction if you perceive it as a spin knuckle that will make contact with you (Or comes in the proximity of You Hou’s hitbox for full anitmation). NJ.mk Dive kick might stop her in her tracks where as nj.mk would trade.

Focus Attack: Her Focus is pretty good, I don’t think it is wise to try and poke it out but take note that it is highly unlikely that Cammy goes for the whole thing but it still might happen, I always see Cammys bait with this (Your judgement on the player will have to come into play here).
If you can, reaction Lunge punch it.

or just Kobokushi that shit


If she is getting a killer combo on you, just keep blocking.

Why this is important for Cammy in particular is because many players do not pick her unless they are confident in their execution, so if they do miss, because humans miss, then you get a chance to fully punish her with whatever you want. If she stopped and you mashed DP, she gets to do whatever SHE wants all over again and not stop this time. Mash DP on her if you know the Cammy is lacking knowledge about block strings and is being predictable. However, if you screw up it is a free victory you are giving to her, make her work for her win patience is what kills Cammys most of the time. Make sure to be in a safe spot before you neutral at all times. Tease her with focus back dash where she can do nothing about it. To maintain the lead , you need to give her something to be scared about and how you do this is to negate all her jumps with st.mp and do a random mp.kobokushi once in a while at a nice distance where it looks like she can spiral her way in.

Make sure you pick You Hou for this match.
-It covers all her jump ins.
-It can punish many of her stuff after you are done blocking them.
-With reaction you can catch everything, even her Ultras.

Baiting her on wake up:

  1. whiff cr.hp at a time that you are sure recovery will be over before she can do anything. (baits ultra, spiral, shoryuken when cammy is desperate // when she has no rounds on her belt)

  2. Kobo feint.

Some punishes: If she misses light kick C.Strike you can You Hou the landing (before she reaches the ground counter hit style), cr.mp, cr.mp~lp.lunge, cr.mk~mp.lunge/lp.shoulder (Buffer OS it because if she is in a safe distance then you will be fine.

If she misses Focus Attack -> St.hp, Dakai, Hp.lunge, Mp.shoulder (haven’t tested HP Shoulder)

If gets blocked doing heavy spiral arrow – some options are Full punish when it comes to combos. Ultra I & II, Launcher, etc.

Dealing with Ultra II :

Cammy usually picks Ultra II for this match up, what this means is do not get predictable with your dive kicks, cross ups, resets. Just use an empty jump once in a while. Mix up your respect for her ultra half the time and disrespect it. If anything disrespect it earlier on purpose so you can get the big damage out of the way then destroy by respecting her the second time around. By whiffing a light kick dive out of her range out of the blue she will use it if she is scared enough.

Hope this helps anyone.

Here is a video of how I do it.


Thanks for the answer, Mohib, great post.
So, cross up dive kicking in her wake up isn’t a good strategy after all?
Another thing: I already tried to use far st.mk and cl.mk on her jump ins (as I use s.HK with Cody, my older main), but if she delays her dive kick, her jump trajectory changes and I’m always being whiff punished. Sometimes I try to lk upkicks, but it gets stuffed often. I read on brady games USFIV bible that Yun’s HK upkicks lost the full 5 frames invulnerability on startup but it’s now strike invulnerable for 8 frames. Do you think it’s now better to use HK upkicks or the longer startup makes it inviable?


I think HK up kicks is no longer good on wakeup. its just such a bad idea and mis using one if you get grabbed (because yes it can even be meaty thrown now ). puts you back in a wake up situation where you can’t use it anymore. see when i wrote this back for 2012. you can dash up and do it (HK Nishokyaku) you could wake up with it. you can make a tech trap then walk forward and do it. now in all of those situation HK nisho just straight up LOSES. you have to use it for simple punishes, or use it to escape corners (MK Nisho is actually better for that). Wake up with EX. here is the thing, to cross up LK dive on cammy perfectly there are a bunch of GREAT setups mentioned in DaFeetLee’s Yun guide . They will help you make cammy miss 100% of the time.

other ways to make sure your dive kick isn’t spiked on wake up is to jump over and delay the dive, don’t do it at the highest height. Let me see if I can get footage of hsien doing the exact dive kick i’m talking about. See here is the thing you might not be able to combo off of the dive kick that stuffs her if she does uppercut or maybe you can with a short combo idk. But I don’t take the chance what I do is just tap her with it on a certain wake up and I just block. Cammy can barely beat Yun on yun’s wake up if you wake up with LK nishokyaku, it even beats a lot of cannon strikes. even EX cannon strike if she aim’ed it poorly (too high). Back then one used to be able to mash HK nisho back to back and it would actually be viable .
but now, its a losing strategy vs practically anyone in the game.

If your LK upkicks is getting stuffed, you are doing it too early .

You have to initiate it like this wait up lemme find an example
^ how I answer a cammy’s jump in on Yun’s wake up in the very beginning

Couldn’t find a video of hsien doing the delay dive. but it is out there somewhere he used it on me before.
But here is a LK dive setup that stuffs all cammy’s reversal wake up dp. and makes EX miss I cooked up for you.

Forward throw , MP Lunge up , Whiff cr.mp 1x , cross up LK dive kick.



Thanks for the help Mohib, Very good stuff, indeed. I’ll go to the lab and try to get better with my dive kicks.
I’m suffering a lot with this matchup, so much that I’m thinking that Yun is not my char and I have to drop it…


A question: And if the Cammy player doesn’t dp, he blocks the cross and goes for the throw after the dive kick? And after a c.lp, s.lp, c.mp, s.mp > HK Nishokyaku? That’s the combo I use to do when I get a opening. Against shotos it’s easy to cross and be safe, but against her it misses a lot.


Don’t try to cross up her, instead safe jump her if she dps you can win if she doesn’t DP you start over. do damage to her little by little anti air her with ST.MP only it works best. way better than far st.mk.

cr.mp cr.mp st.mp x MK nisho is better it hits 100% if they are crouching make it HK nisho.

after you land the nisho walk up and do a neutral jump. this most likely can get it out . if she does nothing just block. and back up, on her attempt to walk back in she will make mistakes. get in the range of her low forward or st.hk and focus attack her, get the crumple and youhou that sucker or get her into another Nisho ending combo and tempt her all over again, the less life the cammy has the more tempted she’ll be to DP.

so what that means is, go one hit for one right. but when you have a sizable lead start baiting her with anything. You really need traps to beat cammy who knows what shes doing since her damage output is pretty much like yuns if not more.


Thanks Mohib, I used your advice this weekend and won a lot more against my Cammy player"nemesis".
Nevertheless, I’m still lacking something, though. Sometimes I get knocked down after a combo ending with spiral arrow and lose about 500+ life because I guess wrong.
I’m training the throw-focus backdash OS, but I’m losing precious bars because of red focus.
What do you think is better to do in this situation?
The delayed wakeup only helps against cammy after a throw, because the dive kick setups works on soft knockdows. I’m thinking it’s better to get throwed than try to escape the pressure. What do you think?


Get throwed while holding downback is better than guessing wrong and eating a full combo.
when you are in a high pressure situation back up a little bit and just empty ineutral jump. jab some times 1x to see if shes just reacting to you. block a 2 hit spiral arrow. and punish with full combo.

Abuse st.mp -> lp shoulder even if you don’t have an opening do it in the beginning to warm things up and start gathering your data. Next .

On getting red focus go for a reset that leads into a 50/50 instead of ultra. what you can do is get the red focus crumple and NJ LK Dive keeps you on same side . NJ MK dive crosses you up. and gets u on the other side. this part is a DP mash spot. so you can bait there after the resetting dive kick. or you can do focus back dash trap so if the cammy is jabbing. try it out and lmk.


After getting hit by a spiral arrow, quick rise. If cammy goes for a jump in mixup between a cannon strike or cross up light kick (which is her go to mixup), focus attack on wakeup and dash forward after getting hit. Yun’s forward dash is low enough to go right under Cammy after a cannon strike. This will force her to rely on the standard jump ins/grab/frame trap mixups on your wakeup instead which are much easier to deal with.