I need some help picking an HDTV

… and I figured you guys could help. I’ll mainly be using it for Gaming on my xbox 360, and watching DVDs. I still don’t really know shit about HDTVs, what causes lag, etc (I’m reading thru that thread right now) but from what I’m figuring I should be looking at an LCD. 32 inch to 42 inch is the preference for the tv, and I’m not looking at anything under 32.

What brands should I be looking at? What features, etc? Help a cracka out. IF everything goes according to plan I should be looking at picking this up around the begining of July, just fyi.

Thanks for any help.

Depends on your price range but this is a good one:


I have it and there is almost no lag (playing mostly MvC2 and Tekken 5) in addition to being one of the least expensive 42" HDTV’s you can get. If you are looking for something more high-end look at some of the Sony WEGAs.

Is 1080p something I should be actively looking for in a set? Or should I just stick with something that does 720p and 1080i?

i got a 32’ ovelia HDLCD that was 560$ off of amazon. it doesnt do 1080p but it is compatible with 720p and 1080i. Some of the features include pip/ half screen and a few other kinks.

-also dont fall into the hype by paying 5x the price for a screen just because it says sony or samsung…

to tell ya the truth, sony does has endurance, and nowadays endurance is the key for when somethin malfunctions. as for 1080? thingy, it is good to check that out, cause to get a good performance out of the 360, thats the true thing to look at. but really, id get a RCA hdtv, cause they’re the only ones that i know that last for like centuries!! i have one and its still workin like a charm.

Look for 1080 if you want the best out of your 360 like has been said before or if you’re using an upscaling DVD player. For HD DVD or BlueRay then it is a must.

And if you are planning to go High-Def with your DVDs, try to find something with more than one HDMI port. The Westinghouse I have only has one but I got a cheap HDMI splitter off EBay that works great.

to be honest, 1080p is only noticebale on larger tvs that are 50’ and more. and when it comes to games, pretty much all games on 360 and ps3 are optimized at 720p. there are plenty of games on 360 and ps3 that have framerate issues at 1080i/p. i mean, it doesnt hurt to have it definitely. but i dont think its neccessary below the 42" range

1080p is not a must IMO. only if you are getting ginormous screen

Started browsing these threads since I would like to get an HDTV soon. My 360 just has the component cables, is that like a serious handicap vs HDMI (in terms of minimizing lag)?

If there IS a difference in lag, does that disparity change with different TV models? Because if there are models that “compensate” for component cables better, then I should lean towards those.

Since I’ll be a first-time HDTV buyer I have no need to “defend” any particular model here, so I’ll just get whatever suits my needs best! Priority 1 is minimizing the lag as much as possible.

Just don’t get a vizio. Crapped out on me right in middle of super bowl.

I just recently bought a 32 inch 1080p Toshiba Regza LCD HDTV back in November.

I paid only $600 for mine, but then again I bought it on CyberMonday which is the equivalent of Black Friday / Boxing Day, but for online retailers.

I bought it as my first HDTV, the Television I had prior to it was a 21’ Standard Tube TV.

I was also concerned about input lag, but the price was hard to ignore so I jumped at it, because it was very difficult to not pass up a 1080p capable TV at 32 inches at such a reasonable price.

I haven’t experienced any problems, and I play time crucial games such as Gradius and R-Type via my PS2 on it, There IS a Game Mode, but I never tried it to see if it makes a difference, the game seems to play the same as it always has, and I’ve been playing them for years, so I would know if there is a control issue because timing is VERY important for shmups.

And upon further testing with some time restrictive moves on games such as 3rd Strike (Parry training mode) and even Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Aerial Raves with Strider and Chun) on the Xbox versions and both intentionally used at 480i with the consoles standard RCA Composite Cable rather then a Component Cable to see if there was any cases of input lag, on top of using a Red Octane converter which gave me no problems, I didn’t have any noticeable dropped inputs or mistimed moves, which is a VERY important thing in my opinion.

There is only one other TV that is 32 inch that is 1080p that also has a supposed “Game Mode”, and that is the Sharp Aquos model number LC32D62U

However I must pre-warn you. While the TV I bought is very good, however it only supports 1080p via HDMI ONLY…you cannot use 1080p on this thing via component cables, I don’t know why it cannot output 1080p via component and is only restricted to 1080p via HDMI but it is. But other then that, it’s a very good TV, and I’m glad I bought it, I primarily use it as a gaming TV, I watch very little television, and whatever I do watch is usually a DVD movie and not broadcast TV.

The thing has many plugs though, so you can hook up like 4 consoles to this thing.

2 Component, 4 HDMI, and 2 Composite, 1 S-Video, heck it even has a VGA so you can use it as a computer monitor.

It MSRP is $1000, so I won’t lie to you saying I did get it at very reasonable price for $600 being 40% off.

Not really, I say 40 and up. I have a 42 inch and its a big difference from my friends 42 inch 720p. Don’t make me neg you fo0 lol. Jk dont ban me :open_mouth:


They are discussing various lag times on Tvs. Best bet is to look thru there.

Samsung Series 7, 8 or 9 LCD is incredible. Bought the 52" after my 50" Vizio Plasma crapped out on me for the second and last time…

I got a Samsung 37 inch for roughly $500-$600. Though, this was during the holiday season, not sure if the price is still the same.

Not big on LCD. Prefer Plasma (burn in is pretty much a non issue these days unless you are totally abusing your TV beyond belief). Costco has some nice Panasonic Plasmas at good prices. Worth the 100 or whatever more over say a Visio.

Also depends if you are using it for gaming or movies or both. Here’s mine:


980 bucks at sams club, that with me getting the extended warranty.

4 hdmi, 2 component, 2 composite, S-video

PC mode thru hdmi (gives less than 1 frame lag on average from my testing, more testing to come)
42 inch LCD 1080p 120 htz, 29,000:1 contrast
2 ms response time (not sure if its grey to grey or white to black)
4 built in speakers
Digital Natural Motion (I love it for games, blu rays not so much)
Audio output- Coaxial
Upgradeable firmware via usb

Completely destroys other tvs in that price range imo. Its not Samsung or sony, but its damn good for the pricing. The ambilight model is like 200 bucks more iirc, but I dont care for that shit really.

Cons: Has a active backlight that adjusts to brightness, doesnt affect pc mode, but can be annoying at times. You can turn this off via service menu.

Samsung TVs are pretty solid I’d recommend them. I have a 32’’ 720p Samsung Serie 4 and couldn’t be happier with it. Dont get 1080p unless you’re going for a 50’’ TV like someone said because you won’t notice the difference for smaller TVs. And dont get cheap brands like Vizio or other crap no one heard about.

Really depends on what he is going for like I said. Price range, size, gaming, movies, and resolution wanted should are be taken into consideration. And I still stand by my 40 inches and higher for 1080p, 50 inches would be better but 40 is still really noticeable. Sony actually has 40 inch lcd 1080p under a grand, I’ll link it tomorrow, g2g to sleep.

You pick anything out yet? Here’s the Sony:


I bought a 42’ LG based on a friends recommendation. I paid $800 with tax from Circuit City, if it lags at all I haven’t noticed.

I have heard the same thing about 1080p.