I need some help please

okay, so recently i bought a new tv and a HDMI cable to go with it.
My Xbox 360 slims av cable connecting to the xbox sort of end has a piece of plastic protruding from the side completely covering the HDMI port.
Can anyone help me solve this problem, i dont want to buy another av cable cause im broke from buying the tv.

Would be much appreciated.

Remove the A/V cables and use the HDMI cable instead?
I’m unsure of exactly why you have the A/V cables hooked up still, when you’re trying to use HDMI.

You know the cables with the red white and yellow cord thing, then i got this HD USB looking thing, but the cord has a plastic thing coming out and i dunno how to get it off, its blocking the port to the HD input soo yeahhhh

And I quote myself. Pull the connector out of the 360.

what Tigre is trying to tell you is you use one or the other. you dont need that A/V cable in there if you are using HDMI.

HDMI has both audio and video channels. There’s no reason for a second cable.

You just bought a expensive high def television. Why do you want to use the yellow, red, and white crap cables? They only output 480p MAX, while your new TV probably does 720/1080p.

Use the dongle to connect your red and white jacks to the receiver.