I need some help with doing tri dash overheads

I can execute the tri dashes fine, and can easily do the empty tri dash into low, but I’m having a hell of a time getting an air attack to come out while doing them (with Doom and Dorm). Is my spacing not right? Am I too close? Should I not super jump? Am I dashing too fast?

I know you have to do theirs earlier (or higher) in the jump as opposed to someone like Magneto. When you dash down, use M+H to dash and plink into a light and practice that until you’re getting the light punch to come out.

Sounds good but shouldn’t Doom come in with j. M and Dorm with j. H or S?

I don’t really play Doom very much but from what I understand Doom doesn’t have a great quick trijump hit. Maybe I’m just comparing everything to Magneto and Nova though. Dorm uses the fishook H yeah, and I know Doom does have an L version, but most of the time Doom does use M, I guess I just never really called it a trijump since it’s slower and more about pressure than a quick overhead mixup from what I can tell. Either way, you have to hit the button higher in the jump arc.

Do all your tri jumps with Super jumps.

Super jump up (not up forward). If you come down too fast: attack will not come out (you will land before attack comes out).

give it a try!

If you want low trijumps with Doom and Dorm then yeah use L. If you want to super jump and come down with something more active then use M for Doom and H for Dormammu. These can cross-up pretty well as well.