I need some help with fly motions

I have a really inconsistent fly-unfly with sentinel, and I was wondering if anybody had any insight to get it going cleaner and more consistently? This can be anything from laser fly unflies, to refly stomps. Currently I just manually input the qcbx2 motion after whatever I"m trying to cancel. It’s easier for me to do reflies after flying hk’s, and I can somewhat do stuff like jab strong refly jab strong, but a lot of times i’ll just hk like an idiot after the first fly.

I’d appreciate any help. Do you use negative edge? Or some tips to practicing it.


I think if you’re able to do his fly, unfly fast enough to where he doesn’t touch the ground then you’re fast enough to do refly, you just gotta get the timing down. Tbh though, reflies IMO is just to show off more than anything.

I do reflying hk myself too since it’s easier to do and it’s good when you’re not in unfly mode. Doing those f.lk, refly, f.lk is mad hard to do since f.lk comes out fast. I think it helps a lot when you’re in unfly mode when trying to do those 2 fast f.lk.

I’m still learning Sentinel myself but when I first started with him I lived in training mode doing:
[]cr.hp xxx fly, unfly, land, cr.hp
]cr.hp xxx fly up forward, f.hp, unfly, land, cr.hp
[*]fly, f.lk, f.hk, refly, f.lk, f.kh
…and it’s improved my fly motion a lot! It’s like as soon as I attack I immediately do the motion for fly.

It’s like you gotta get in a habit of fly and unfly with Sentinel after every attack (when necessary). Playing with Sentinel will hurt your wrist, please believe that.

i really have problems with this too, refly is really fucking hard. i just dont have the wrist dexterity or something

I can do refly but it just doesn’t connect/combo but I’m fast enough to do it. I don’t really do it much though in game since I think it’s more of a show off play and I’m not that type of player unless I know for a fact I got the match won.

I think the biggest problem with learning Sentinel is to get your wrist used to doing the fly motions fast, like I said… playing with Sentinel will hurt your wrist!