I need some help with Ryo



I am using Ryo on K-groove and am not quite sure how he is supposed to be used?(on K-groove)
So if anybody else plays Ryo please help me out and give some advice?and if not to much to ask I was also wondering if anyone knew any really damging combos for Ryo?


I am not a K-ryo user but I do use ryo in A sometimes.
Well, ryo is a pile of steam. here’s what he’s got
-don’t use qcfx2+p. It’s nearly useless and it’s not so invincible either.
-best b/b = either c.hp xx f,b,f+hp or c.mp xxhcb+p then superjump p
-j.mk is crossup. also has decent priorieties when it’s NOT used as a crossup, it trades with non-last second dp.
-after that second combo I do hcb+lp again just for the fuck of it. If they super or DP(it takes skill) you’re screwed but if it’s blocked you’re safe.
-sneak in rdp+p and db(charge),f+lk once a while.
-qcf,hcb+p lvl 3 is fast enough to catch 90% of blocked moves, even some super fireball if you blocked up close. not much damage for a lvl 3 though.
-since you’re in K… doing the fireball super motion fast when you don’t have meter may get you a zanretsuken. Kinda neat, usless though.
-sneak in lp zanretsuken as much as you can(I do them after crossover). it’s kinda safe blocked.
-learn ryo in A. seriously, his corner combo is awesome.


alright thanks alot


Here is the secret. See the box at the bottom that says “last 30 days”? Click on it till you see “the beginning”. Then click go. Then start reading. Now that is the best help you can get. If you can’t follow those instructions, then you should quit playing cvs2.