I need some help with some artwork on my arcade stick

i’m trying to make an arcade stick but due to my lack of experience in adobe photoshop, i have no idea what to do with the artwork.

heres the artwork i want:


right click and save please.

i want the calendar and namco sign be removed, nina to be no taller than 10 inches (my stick is 10 x 14) and i want her centered so the buttons and stick wont block her figure. i also want some fancy or even sorta basic background, just not too bland tho. just as long as it looks nice. and one last thing, please make it 10in x 14in. no more, no less since i want it to cover the whole stick

whoever can help me with this, i’d be forever grateful.

heres another link to the pic

Click here.

Print it at 200dpi.

wendy’s chili pwns.

ummm thats a cool backdrop, did u render it from scratch?? If so mind sharing?? lol that’s one of my weaknesses is abstract yet pleasing backgrounds…

cool stick art tho!! Nina’s lookin fine for 79 years old or whatever…haha


This tutorial isn’t exactly what I did, but you can get similar results with it.

holy shit, that looks dope. thanks a million

after two weeks of hardwork, my stick is done.

again, thanks a million Rei.

Cool stick. What system is it for?

it can be used for any system but you would need an adaptor.

currently, i only have an adaptor for the ps2.