I need some help with this matchup

hey guys, ive read alot of comments about the vega/blanka match up but im still struggling. maybe because im running in to alot of good ones or i just dont really know what to exactly do. i am open to any pointers on what i should do to move the match in my favor. thanks alot

you on psn?

sry im on 360 currently

i dont have one yet or i’d show you replays and stuff

ty for trying anyway

Ajunta wrote up some good post on the matchup, I’m sure if you search his name it’ll pop up.

Against Blanka, your objective is to outpoke him and push him to the corner.

It’s hard for him to get a lifelead back so as long as you keep him under your thumb he will struggle.

It’s impossible to punish LP balls that whiff in front of you. if you’re within that pocket and you have the option of punishing balls, his only option is jump in but it’s still not that scary because his offense isn’t very good.

whenever he cancels any normal into a hop ever, grab him. it’s a free grab, you can use it to punish hop mixups that are cancelled out of moves even if they hit you. Hop cross up = free throw, always

Don’t press buttons otherwise when he’s using electricity. Space a c. lk to hit the tip of his lightning and tick throw him or frame trap him after.

his wakeup time is strange so whiff a stand MK after EX FBA knockdown to get a proper safe jump.

Other than that it is primarily a spacing game. if his offense is bothering you then i highly suggest throwing hops on reaction. i used to use to blanka a lot and once i learned that…

i still prefer rushing him down

I get MURDERED if I try to rush-down Blanka.

well, generally vega rush down is outpoking someone and putting them in the corner where they die. kara throws generally work far less well if they’re not in the corner. I don’t think Vega’s actual MIXUPS hurt enough and he doesn’t have a great way of getting in on someone who can ball / elec / charge an anti air as efficiently as blanka does. Once you get him in the corner him using that stuff is a non issue but you still can’t take too many risks cause he might switch sides and run away again.

Has anyone here ever thought of Kara throws as an overhead? I guarantee you kara throws are a better means of forcing an opponent to walk back then piece of mercury (shit) is.

When ppl tech throws crouching the tech window becomes quite small. Considering Vega’s kara throw is here then there, and his mixups with kara throw are generally his entire moveset, it’s tough to precisely tech throws against Vega when you’re crouching. When I fight most of my opponents i make it a chore to tech kara throws and as a result you actually see some stand up and tech a throw.

On top of that, Kara throws can work outside the range of some characters lows and generally just straight up punish them. It’s a strong tactic.

So normally if ppl REALLY want to defend against a kara throw and make sure they don’t get thrown, they stand up and try to react to the throw. Then BAM you go low.

Or they try to walk back and walk out of it. When I played J wong, he’d walk back, bait kara throw, then sweep with both Adon and Rufus. Like he’d do the sweep point blank, super unsafe style, but he knew it would hit cause it was a big hole in my game.

Which is why walking forward and harassing ppl with c. mk is so important. And this is why i’ve always been Ehhhhhhh on cosmic heel and don’t really care that it got nerfed and am stoked c. mk got buffed.

I really just wish they didn’t nerf Vega’s damage. That shit wasn’t free and it wasn’t really OP either, it was SUPPOSED to bring the hurt like !*(@&@#&$ style. Now it is “respectably strong”. Oh well.

i guess to put it more clearly,

by rushdown i mean go for knockdown and RCF on wakeup, Then stand out side his electricity range and annoy the fuck outta him cause there’s nothing he can do until he gets U1 charged up

This is exactly what you’ll find more experienced players are gonna do against your throws. Watch out for focus attacks though. I used to think I was getting hit by random FA’s for a long time, but me trying to low them every time they walked back was precisely the reason they started the FA windup animation so often. It’s not that dumb, but can be punished pretty hard. Just a side note to everyone, so you guys know what to look out for. There’s always a counter to your counter!