I need some help!!!


Ive been looking at Art’s hobbies and I found a a few art pieces that I would like to have on my stick. Just dont know which one to summit. I dont have photoshop so I cant really get a visual on what the art would look like on the stick. I was wondering if somebody could be so kind and maybe take these pieces and slap them on a mock stick for me so I could get kinda of a idea of which one to go with. Thanks!!!


1st what model stick and layout you want to go with your custom art?
2nd Honestly I do not know many people who will dissemble their stick just so you know how your stick will come out.
3rd once you decide what stick layout, I am sure then someone might shop in a image overlay over your art.
4th I think we got a whole board for nothing but panel and insert art for sticks and several template threads for various sticks.


1st madcatz te
2nd "Mock Stick photo"
I seen somewhere that its best to choose art with at least 4500 x 3500 Resolution. So I made some art with the paintbrush app with those specfic dimensions. The art is just a Collage of random various stuff that I put together. I left a box open in the left upper corner for the turbo guide. The dpi is at 96 going horiz and vert. Since all the art is random am not worry about the buttons or stick covering anything up.