I need some HELP!

I am new to this site and recently got back into 3rd Strike. I have a TERRIBLE TIME AGAINST “TURTLING.” I don’t what it is. I can hold my own against an aggressive player, when it comes to someone WAITING for me and not willing to do anything Im at a COMPLETE loss. If someone has an answer I am ALL EARS.:annoy:

First of all, use your head.
Second, I hope you got quick fingers; One of Makoto’s best assets is her speed. Keep then on their toes by poking at them with some light or medium punches then dashing and grabbing when the get caught in a block.
Mix up alot of her moves.

I started off by just rushing my opponent down. I just attacked and learned from my mistakes.

There are some things you can only learn through experience. Get some.

did you read the "All About Makoto / Read this first. " thread?

there is some good stuff on attack patterns and whatnot…

karakusa FTW

Don’t keep dashing into stuff. You can use your hayate to punish people who whiff pokes.

Or just sit there and out turtle them whiffing c.mk’s. If they dash into it hit confirm super.

Yeah I mean I often use karaksua and the kara one too. I often poke with low strong as much as possible. I guess with Makoto its hard when someone balls up in a corner and “Guesses” right its tough. I dont dash up unless I know I can punish. Thanks for the advice it is VERY helpful none the less.

Makoto is like the best anti-turtle in the game O.o. You don’t just have karakusa but also EX oroshi. If your opponent is constantly guessing your game that means your being predictable. You can mix it up between high, low, and a throw all which lead to decent dmg or at least a hayate which starts the mixup again. If your opponent is playing a shoto he might just dp to get you the hell off him, but that’s why you can throw blocking in there if he starts relying on it to much. I’m fairly new, but I was playing some other players that are a lot more experience than me and really if you just don’t karakusa all the time or always try the s. MP Kara setup and you switch it up you’ll hit people.
Also you want to run in even when you can’t punish. Makoto is an aggressive character. If you put pressure on your opponent he is more likely to fall for your mixup than if you let him sit back and do as he pleases until he screws up. Now don’t get me wrong there are times your going to want to back off (Yun in Genei Jin or Urien with a shield up assuming you aren’t getting rocked by it) but most of the time you should be forcing your opponent to KEEP you away than you staying away.

ex oroshi is such a good move and alot of times you just don’t seem to remember you have it in a match till you try to grab a whiffed cross up ^^

Thanks for all the tips. I have been in the training room practicing these techniques. Of course I played some that “Turtled” and showed him what for. I think my BIGGEST problem is that I sometimes forget of all the setups and mixups. I am still working on it but the current tips have helped alot. Thanks and lets show everyone this year at EVO what Makoto is REALLY capable of!!!

dont use as many exclamation marks.