I need some info on parrying

Okay this is basically a two part question.

  1. when you do a parry do you have to hold the stick forward then release it back to neutral, or do you just hold it forward then let the parry happen,or do you just tap the stick forward the let it back to neutral.
  2. Its the same question above but now for red parrying. I’m having difficulty doing it on a regular basis.
    The reason I ask this is because I some times get hit when I parry and I know I attempted to parry at the right moment. So I just want to know is it a problem on the execution on the motion or something. Any reply would be appreciated thanks. Peace

[Mario G]

…lol. you tap forward. in fact, the longer you hold forward the less likely you are to parry because the game reduces the number of frames that a hit will be parried…basically just tap it forward soon before you get hit and let it go to neutral immediately. in fact i wouldnt even call it “moving the stick to forward” i just give it a light slap.

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You have to make sure you’re tapping the stick sharply at the moment of impact. Which is to say, directly before the moment you would be hit, you must instead parry simultaneously. Goodness, I sound like a foreigner.

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Yes it does suck Paulee yes it does. By the way I was at the MWC only for one day and you were kicking some ass with ken. I wish I can play have as good as any of you guys sigh. Anyway I have another question when you parry a jump in is it possible to do shortxxshortxxsuper because I Every time I go for it my opponent either can block or throw me. Also what about red parrying do you do the same or hold the stick forward. Peace

P.S- Thongboy gotta give you props on your tutorial vid it was the shit, makes me want to play twelve. Hope you get some nice Reeboks.

[Mario G]

No. Do not attempt to shortxxshortxxsuper after parrying their jump in. The window to punish is usually pretty small after parrying their jump in, since their vulnerability starts while they are still in the air. Use a meatier attack that the opponent will land on ie ken’s low forward, or just punish with a quick uppercut-like move or normal before they land.

A quick anti-air ie jump fierce, jab, or late dp is usually better than parrying however…

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Just one more thing. When I try to red parry some thing do you have to set the stick back to neutral just like regular blue parry.

Also yesterday night I was trying to learn to parry weird situations like guys dashing under you and hitting from behind. I had the cpu set to jump and auto parry well just when its about to leave the ground (the first few frames of the jump) I hit it and the cpu didn’t parry it. So is it possible that when you just leave the ground that is the only point were you can’t parry.Peace

[Mario G]

It’s possible that you hit the comp in the start-up frames of the jump, and while you’re in start up you can’t parry… at least that’s what I think it is.

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