I need some new friends to play with...3S

hey guys im in need of some new friends to play with. lately im been playing 3S and its just me and my buddy playing one another and its gets kinda boring beating him all the time. i live in dead old Merced where there is no third strike in site but i play on my PS2.
anyways i have some videos i made of me and my buddy playing 3S…i am ken
hit me up here and we’ll go from there…

merced… thats like two hours away from the bay area, right?

It’s cool that youre a 3S enthusiast however more than likely youre going to have to make the trip up here to Bay Area to meet and greet with the rest of the SF community of NorCal. Two hours north or two hours south, either way, you’ll end up finding some cool people and good comp.

Those are some nice vids.

hey man if you want to make that trek to berkeley one weekend you are welcome to come play over at my spot. We have a couple of japanese cabinets and play third strike, alpha 3, and soon Super Turbo. Send me a PM if you are interested, we usually play sundays. Laters

check the thread here…

yeah if u ever have some free time on fridays i know for a fact that sfsu has some of thebest 3s comp there is. also svgl has some more just pm for more info i mean i don’t play the game but i love watching ppl play.


I don’t know if you know(which you probably don’t) but that link points to the my_videos page, as in it’ll be different for whomever logs in. It’s not a specific link to your youtube video collection. :wgrin:

sorry bout that…
here they r
video 1

video 2
video 3
final video he gave up…

thanks for looking and plz leave me a rating…

Or you can link them to your profile:
Props on your execution cause mine is horrible(MP HP shoryuxxSA III throws my opponent across the screen). If only practice mode didn’t bore the shit outta me…

XBOX Live anyone?

dont nickel in merced got 2nd impact? hahaha w/ some fcked up sticks… anyways u can go to fresno’s nickel 1hr south (also w/ fcked up sticks) for 3s or 1hr north in stockton for 3s… but bay is better… but too far for merced i think… maybe wait to see if modesto gets 3s… or else just keep playin… im sure there’s a lot of people in merced that plays 3s (that dont come to srk)… just keep waitin… make a merced thread… iono…