I need some serious help MODDING THE CERBURUS TO THE TE 1


So as we know, the Cerburus PCB is not compatible with the TE1 and TE2 as a solderless mod. This is an omission I made before buying it and only noticed hours after receiving from delivery. However, I’ve been told it could still work with soldering. I am trying to do a total replacement PCB, but the problem is** i have no idea what cable connects to where…** total noob. Only managed to connect the joystick and that works. I need someone to help me match what to solder to where

This is what i have

Connection 1: A, B, X, Y, LB
Connection 2: RB, LT, RT, GND, START, BACK

I have managed to connect the stick and the USB. Looking at the Cerberus PCB, it doesn’t seem like the Turbo is supported. Please Correct me if I’m wrong. This will be a life saver if someone can help

These are the connection types I plan to snip and solder for the face buttons


I going to have you stop right now and think for a moment.

In the first photo you provided the board is fully labeled.
And everything you need to support actual joystick function is there.

The 1K, 2K, 1P, 2P and so on are contacts for your buttons. The button labeling using Street Fighter Notation, so you got 4 punches and 4 kicks.

1P = X, 2P = Y, 3P = RB, 4P = LB
1K =A, 2K = B, 3K = RT, 4K = LT

Home is the same thing as guide, also the Cerberus board supports Select + Start = Home.

R L U D refers to your joystick directions.

Where you see Gnd, OD+, OD- and VCC is for the wires of your USB cable. That GND is also the ground for all your buttons and joystick.

XD- and XD+ are for the white and green wires of your Xbox 360 USB cable.

That white border/box, that were you can cut down the Cerberus board

There no Turbo support, so forget Turbo.


Ah… I never figured P=Punch and K=Kick. It was really confusing at first. Thank you so much for the reply. I’ll start soldering and let you know how it goes.


It works fine now… thanks