I need some serious help with this unfly IM inf

ok i have been to the forums and i tried everything that i can think of to figure this thing out on my own but to no avail well ppl lay it on me like i am a newbie fan boy 2 questions how do i get the launch,lk,u+hp,a/d,lk,u+hp,fly,lk,u+hp,unfly…now what ? and the launch,lk,u+hp,a/d,lk,u+hp,fly,lk,u+hp,unfly,u+hp(like in assassin’s IM vid on collosus)…? HOW HOW HOW I need to know the truth :eek:

i think you might get more replies if your post was actually coherent. from what i can eke out, you seem to not understand what unfly mode is. just read up on that and you’ll have your question answered. i think.

I think I know what he is talking about and I am having the same problem as well. Im a fairly good player with Iron Man and the only thing I need to pick up is the fly/unfly infinite. I can do all the Jap setups, infinite cross up into infinite the other way, etc, yadda yadda that doesn’t matter. I tried the same thing incognegro did (launch, sj.lk,sj.u+hp,a/d u/f,lk,u+hp,fly,lk,u+hp,unfly). After the unfly, another u+hp is necessary and everytime I do it it does not come out. I heard from this one guy at Family Fun who plays a mean Iron Man that you have to start the combo in flight? Is that true? Is there an easy setup to do for the fly/unfly infinite? If so, please let me know what I am doing wrong and what I can do to fix it. Thanks in advance.

there’s an article here on srk on unfly mode. it should be made compulsory for all mvc2 newbies to read, like some disclaimer or something :slight_smile:

What’s an easy way to get unfly in practice mode single player?

Even after reading the unfly article some may have trouble with the concept

you don’t have to start the unfly inf. in fly mode.

I think you guys might not be doin the unfly u+fp right. cause i assume that you guys know how to tell if you are in unfly mode so that would be the only thing i can think of other than that the only other thing i can think of is that you did a normal jump which resets the unfly effect so you would have to be hit by a move again that would put you back into unfly mode. don’t really understand completly so if you could be more to the point i could tell you what you are doin wrong.

Kingpin: If you are tryin to do the u+fp after you unfly and it does not come out you are not in unfly mode. you get into unfly mode when you are hit by a move that flips you over but you land on your feet. like magnus S.FP or cables throw that puts you in unfly mode to many moves to list but that should show you how you get into unfly mode.Plus you cannot normal jump or you loss unfly mode you have to SJ so you don’t loss it or if you are sent and you want to stay in unfly mode you can just go into fly mode and keep it that way.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thanx Assassin Inc187 ur lil unfly mode explanation made a light bulb turn on or sumthin’ cuz i get it now. It was the super jumping to stay in unfly mode that I was screwin up…Thanx man :slight_smile:

after the unfly you dash up!!! :mad:

You have to be in unfly mode thats why after the up+hp unfly u cant do anything. To get in unfly mode set the dummy to manual and have ANY character launch you in the air, thats it you are in unfly mode now and you will be able to do up+hp after up+hp unfly. You can also be in unfly mode by getting hit by some assists, test em out and see which common assists give u unfly mode. My way of doing that unfly mode combo is: launch down+hp, lk, up+hp[fly]lk, up+hp[unfly]up+hp dash up forward, lk, up+hp[fly], lk, up+hp[unfly] up+hp dash upforward- repeat.

I think you are a bit late on the post combomasher,but your post is right on point just a lil’ late. Cause the thread has been dead for awhile, but it’s nice to see ppl help each other out.

Well, if the thread is dead i’ll post anyway. Who knows, someone might read it. To put it simply to get into unfly mode Ironman has to fall on his back.

Ironman a/d straight and gets hit by CapCom. If you pause it after he gets it hes laying on his back in mid air, thus he’s in unfly mode.

Now to find out if your are in unfly the most simple way is this:
Fly, Then unfly, after you unfly press fierce or something else, like a short. If you attack after flying, your in unfly. Then you can block after flying and do combos and all kinds of shit.

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! I appreciate the help guys, this air infinite is going to make my IM pretty mean =T Now to work on the d.lk d.lk sj.ad/df lk to pick it up with a trijump.

I keep reading all the post and replies but I still can’t understand the unfly procedure. I mean, what is the exact input for the infinite? isn’t it just:

launch, lk, u+hp, ad, lk, u+hp, qcb+kk, lk, u+hp, qcb+kk, u+hp, ad, repeat?

Because I’m getting stuck wehre everyone else is, after the unfly or 2nd qcb+kk. Is it a timing issue or what? I’ve read the replies about getting hit and being able to do a move, but if you’re trying to do an infinite, what are you supposed to be doing"?

when you unfly, you should be doing a up+hp, so it should be looking like this.

launch, lk, [up+hp, air dash up lk, up+hp, fly, lk, up+hp, unfly,]repeat brackets until unfly runs out.

I think i finally understand the problem…what yall are saying is, you have to get hit/thrown Before you do the combo, correct?
You have to obtain unfly mode, THEN try the combo? If this is the case, how long does unfly mode usually last?


no just hit or thrown u have to get hit or thrown but your character IM must flip out and land on his feet. Like Cable’s throw or if someone launches u and doesnt do a air combo then your in Unfly mode. U can sj. but if u do a regular just it deativates it. It last for quite a while i’ve gotten 38 hits and then i do a down HP into Dhalsim’s AA or Psy and cancel fly into his ground inf but i just do 2 reps HP Proton Cannon.

sweet, what’s an easy set up for his ground inf? w/o assist?