I need some V-ism Gief help

I love playin with the Gief against unsuspecting arcade goers. I usually use A ism for the FAB but I keep hearing great things about V-ism Zangief. I can utilize the headbutt and all but I can’t seem to chain any good Var. combos. I was wondering if any of you guys could put down some strategies and some good var. combos for me. I would appreciate anything you give.

-Bluesman461 (Beware the Gief)

Not to be rude, but you should check the README FIRST stuff at the top of the forum. There are links to all the character’s threads and some other guideline information.

Anyhow, this is the Zangief thread: SFA3: All about Zangief

The only “combo” combo he has is:

VC3, K Lariet, [s.Fierce, Fierce glowing hand] xN -> when you get to the corner keep doing s.RHs, if you fall a little far away, do a s.RH -> Fierce glowing hand.

geekboy: thats not the “only” full screen vc he has. you can also do activate vc3, kkk AA lariat, fierce banishing fist, wiff low forward, fierce banishing fist, wiff low forward repeat :smiley: then you got glitchdriver. but i wont get into that with the n00b heh

Thank for the combos guys. I’m sorry to the admin, I posted the new thread because I didn’t see any other Zangief threads that addressed what I was looking for, I’ll keep the rules in mind for now on. And you don’t have to refer to me as a noob, I’ve played SF since the beginning and have won my share of local tourneys. I just like to play with new characters to keep the game fresh.

Bluesman (fear the gief)