I need someone fluent in Japanese and English

I’ve tried using online translation of english to japanese but the results are actual japanese characters, not something I can read and pronounce.

Basically I want to know how to ask someone where their curly mustache is at, in japanese. Thank you.



Y’know, that’s a pretty good word for an insult.

That guy loves Naruto, what a doushite.

/no hate on Naruto, just an example. Ahem.


Step one: Use Google.

Here’s what I found:

First, get your text translated to Japanese, and then have it re-translated to english to see if it makes sense.

example, on google language tools:

*Where is your curly mustache ? *

translates to :


Which then retranslates to:

*As for the mustache of your curl it is somewhere? * (sigged lol)

If you use http://www.romaji.org/ with your japanese alphabet, you’ll get:

anatano makige no hige hadokoniaruka .

I have no idea if a Japanese person will understand, but good luck. Maybe he’ll call you a doushite. :stuck_out_tongue: