I need someone to train me

PSN: NostalgicX

My Sakura isn’t terrible, but I’d like to improve my game. I live in Central Canada (Winnipeg) and my connection is decent. If someone could play me in a FT5 mirror or with a sub or something, I think you can get a good idea of my playing style and level.

BP: 7573
PP: 2079

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Also saw you play yesterday. You don’t need alot of help. You got 7.5k BP but low PP so that means either you have bad habits you need to iron out or your knowledge is lacking on some aspect of SSF4 or Sakura and once you figure out what it is your PP will shoot up drastically.
…Or you could just have low PP for trying other characters in Ranked. Play more Endless and keep sparring other Sakura players.

100% this! -.-

PP is low because I don’t know how to deal with some matchups and for trying out other characters in Ranked.

And…my bad, I didn’t really bother looking around >_>