I need the SSFIV sound effects

So I’m working on a very special xmas gift for all PS3 owners here on SRK. A good Street Fighter theme… Since for whatever reason none exist. I have the icons and wallpapers made, but I need the sound effects, mainly the sound whenever a directional input is made on the menu, and the confirmation sound. I know they exist somewhere. Help me out and you will be rewarded!

maybe find someone with a capcard

I have a Jtagged xbox…and I could extract all the sound effects and upload them if you like… let me know…

I would love it! I would only need the navigation sound, the back sound, and the confirm sound.

alright… I’m going to look through the game files…and I should have the link up no later than monday…

Thanks!!! Also the alert chirp (the sound that plays when you unlock a new title or icon) would be much appreciated.