I need this game in my life Hokuto No Ken


Is there any chance this game could ever be remade? Never heard of HNK until Kusoru went and bodied Final Round. Being a fan of Fist of northstar, I shit myself when I saw this game.

This game has everything! Graphics, Sound FX and that godlike Fatal K.O music.




How similar does HNK play to Blazblue? Because i might have to settle with BBCS EX


How are you a fan if you didn’t even know this game existed? I call BS.


Prolly something to do with it being only released in Japan and me living in UK.


i dont live in japan and i still knew and had the game
france had an active scene for the game during a really long time


btw, hnk and bbcsex dont play nothing alike at all, they are 2 different beasts






I pretty sad I missed this one. Back when this was released I had no internet and didn’t play games that much, there was no way I would of known it was out. All that brokeness is sooo good. Is there anything out now that is like this???




I twittered Aksys and asked how do I convince them or ASW to release HNK for PSN/XBL and they sent me this link


and said contact them on their english email :smiley:


ASW only developed the game, if you want hnk released on psn you have to ask SEGA, since they are the real owners and the people who take the desicions regarding to the game, the same way that SBX is propierty of Capcom


You’d think Aksys twitter would’ve mentioned that >:/


not to troll, do you think arc system sega will ever do a yu yu hakusho fighting game I want that more than anything


perhaps they dont know about that :confused:

that would only happen if there is some new yuyu hakusho around the corner, and sega stop being stupid about not releasing a new 2d game anymore


It’s a fun game but the infinites killed my interest in it.


I echo the earlier sentiment: How can you be a fan and not hear about this game?

Aside from the inifintes and brokenass gameplay, it was pretty awesome. So many nods to the anime series.

However, it was only released in japan and didn’t get a lot of press over here. There are several routes to acquiring it. Getting a japan copy of it and a few tweaks to your PS2(HDAdvance, pretty easy to set up), Emulating the Arcade version, or PS2 emulation of the game on PC.

Yeah that game felt rushed. Being a huge HNK & fighter fan, i still loved the game but it was too rough around the edges for a release. Practically every character having an 1-2 infinites off basic system exploits? Blahh.


Sorry for using the word “fan” so freely next time I use it I will make sure I have full knowledge of franchise I’m speaking about espcially HNK because fan spaces are limited.

Without infinites and broken ish this game wouldn’t have the same appeal, thats what SF is for silly


The broken’ness of it is what makes it so fun. I only wish I had more people around me willing to play/learn it.

also - there’s a thread specifically for the game here in FGD, btw.


probably not the place but seeing as your in the uk i do have still a sealed copy ( well i did start to open but thought better of it) of this which i never bothered to open i’d let go for 35 quid, which i dont think is too bad seeing as it’s on the bay for like 40 50 quid, can meet up anywhere in east london or essex, also it’s the original version not the best hits version. pm if interested


So this thread seems the best place to ask.
Which game is the most broken.
Sengoku Basara X or Hokuto No Ken?


a difficult question
both games run on the same engine and have quite similar problems
both have infinites that are similar on nature, the space race infinite and the dribbling infinite wich come from a glitch of the engine related to the gravity
the wallstreet infinite from basara x its the natural outcome when you remove the metter dependancy from one of the hokuto features
both games were extremely rushed by capcom and sega and changed many features over the course of the development, and barely tested by arcsys due that
in both games every character has some sort of bullshit that lets them to compete at some level but as usual there are characters that excel the others on the amount of stupid shit that they can do and how easy they can set up
in the end it boils of what kind of bullshit do you want to face if you ask me
hnk has the benefit for being rated m for manly though sbx is not that far with chars like date motherfucking masamune