I need to commend everyone here

As I take a look through the nooks and crannies of SRK, I realize something that I don’t think many of us have come to realize.

As I go through different regions, I see something completely different from their regions compared to ours. Something so much more then the competition factor.

I realize that the northwest players are all very tightly knit with each other…and for some reason, I don’t see that in many of the other regions. Look at our forum compared to theirs? From Zach setting up get togethers to attend (not just games, but BASEBALL games for god’s sake!), to others motivating each other to get better…

I realize that we are one of the most tightly knit group of fighting gamers in the country. No real STRONG passion to get amazing at the game…just people who all have a common interest, and are willing to hang out and get to know each other.

So thank you…all of you…I don’t mean to single anyone out, but especially to Zach Robinson. You have been amazing my friend. Your kind gestures never cease to amaze me.

Thank you all, for making me realize that if there were anywhere in the US to be placed in a fighting game community…it would be the Northwest for sure.

Yup, I can definitely vouch for what you’re saying. I remember I wasn’t even gonna go to Evo 2003 simply because I didn’t have any money. Ian and King found out about it and told me that they would pay for whatever I needed while I was down there. Another example was when we went on the rv trip to NCR. I didn’t have money for that either but Zach was gracious enough to cover me. There’s plenty of other examples I could bring up right now besides those but you get the point.

In life I was always the one that needed help and was never in a position to help anyone else. Me offering to help teach people what I know is my way of trying to give back to the scene, besides the fact that I love to help people if I can.

<3 Seattle scene
<3 NW

In the next few years here, I’m moving down closer to seattle for just that reason. Well said, bro.

You Washingtonions are bunch of fucking hippies, THAT’S why it’s tight-knight.

WA > AZ all day everyday, despite that.

What’s wrong with being a hippie?? lol!

This thread reminds me of 2k3 evo where we had the SC2 ppl along with some tekken kids, and the usual Marvel heads and CvS2 cats. And like during the tournament everyone would go to games that they didn’t play themselves but to go over there to cheer on those that are apart of team seattle. Like Cory and a bunch of other CvS2 players coming over to watch my random Cvs2 match. And lets not forget Ric “Cap. Morgan” going crazy during Kuan vs. Soo in the final 8. We really are a tight knit group around here. And i think when out of towners see that they are kinda amazed/dumbfounded by it (i want to say that when Chunksta came up here he had mentioned something about how close knit we are but i could be wrong). I think it also helps that most of us started out when marvel first hit the scene. So most of us have known each other for over 5 years at least.

It’s still growing too.

Hey thanks a lot man. I appreciate it.

Thank you all for telling the stories.

I was thinking about putting my first tournament experience up (when Takayuki and Nagatta camd down)…but I need to infuse it with some more “epic” I’ll try and get back to people on that one.

everyone should move to portland we have a good 3s machine good mvc2 machine and ONLY 50cents a game! granted we don’t have a “zach” but still it’d be dope if seattle wasn’t 200+ miles from portland in the very least.