I need to elarn how to combo!

Hey guys. I need help on combos, particularly with boxer. I really don’t combo in my matches. The only combo I know of right now is a low jab, low jab, low medium jab. That’s the only combo I can do that never fails. Anything after that, even a head-but doesn’t connect into a combo. Is my timing off or something? Can you guys give a list of practical Boxer AND DICTATOR COMBOS plz?! I’m learning dic as well but someone mentioned don’t even bother with him unless you know his combos. It sucks playing a match and you somehow get you opponent dizzied and all I can do is a simple grab.

I’ve seen people do combos before, but usually on me. And by the time the combo is over, I’m just like “Damn, what did he just do to me again?”

dic combo:
j.MP, j.MP, j.MP

First thing to learn as Boxer is cr. mp into low (punch) rush. Then, for example after a grab, you can do cr. mk, cr. mp, low rush.

Well with (DIC) you really have two important combos there the cross over with j/mk then really fast press s/lk s/lk s/lk then c/mk then you have two choices to do the tropedo or the knee press if you choose to do the kenns its dizzys 100% of the time but, you have to charge the knee press longer to pull it off and, its a harder one to do. On the other hand you can do the P-Crusher and hit it like 90% of the time it takes less time to charge the tropedo then it does the knee press i think like half a sec more its a more effective combo but hard to get out. Thats why i choose to use the P-Crusher instead.

#2) This one is a lot easier and it hits from anywhere and any move it s/lk s/lk s/lk s/mk so you can do it with a jumpin or while standing on the ground after knocking someone down. (note) if you choose to jumping its best to hit twice with the low kick…

and one more for good measure, and by far the easiest one to date Jump’n fierce kick then c/mk or mp both of them will link which ever one you choose to use then you able to go into the kneepress or the P-crusher, per the knee press it hits twice, (note) wjen you jump’n you have to hold back as soon as you leave the floor to charge for the moves …

Oh ya and, the combo that DarkNecrid placed up you can pretty much use that any time when someone just it a east 3 hit combo even whitl there on the ground the second hit still connects…But it works very well with you Super Combo right after the super hold jump throwds and press MP for two extra hits.

at least say the opponnet needs to be in the air:looney:

headbutt -> amibiguous cross up -> meaty low forward -> headbutt is like an infinite. you only need like 3 reps though to kill someone.