I Need To Get Some Combos 4 Ryu!



I have been having a little bit of trouble finding out some combos 4 Ryu, all i have been able to do is Short, Short, Fireball, i just want to learn some good heavy or moderate causing combos.


Man, bread and butter for Ryu…EVERY RYU PLAYER should know this combo, because your entire gameplan is to try to land a jump-kick, and subsequently this combo:

crossover or deep j.MK (or deep HK), c.LP, c.HP, QCFx2+P…
A weaker variant is using c.LK, c.LP, c.MK, QCFx2+P

If you don’t have meter, use c.LP, c.HP, QCF+HP

Anyway, Ryu’s game ALL about footsies and try to get your opponent to commit to a heavy poke, while defending yourself with your several anti-air options: c.HP, s.HK and occasionally DPs for most cases. j.MP, and RC Hurricane Kicks are two other options for going against P or K-groove (to mix up the timing). Then when you suspect the opponent going for the poke, try to cross him over or small jump… If he is unable to block it, combo. If he is, guard crush string (c.LP,c.LP, c.HK, QCF+HP) and continue


well, then u need combos for ryu and u need to visit a previously created ryu thread b4 creating a new one