I need to know what stick up LESS? Plexi cover or replacement?

I have been ready to order my art prints, and top, but I can’t get answers on this.

So, whats the deal? Which one sticks up less?

Get the cover. The replacement is only for when you want to change button and stick layout.

Welcome to Art’s Hobbies
Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

You want the cover for artwork. The replacement doesn’t hold art.

But I kind of wanted a straight six-button setup if that could be set up.

Where it’s just like


instead of offset.

But I guess it will have to cover with offset to match metal panel.

Well I guess you could buy a replacement and a cover, putting the art inbetween the two layers…?

I have to go with Nerrage here and say

The site offers diffrent layouts including curve and straight configurations in both 6 and 8 buttons layouts.

That requires a replacement panel to change the configuration. Or, you could have the first two buttons covered by the plexi. It’s not exactly straight, but it is similar.

You can configure your panel here : Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

Choose CAPCOM (Straight) from the list of preset ones. Then you can delete the buttons you don’t want. And you can also compare it to the Vewlix last 6, which aren’t completely straight, but close, and don’t require a replacement panel to have.